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Window ventilation hacks to beat the heat this summer


By Sean Mac Anbhaird, Managing Director, Core Sash Windows


Brits are set to enjoy 25-degree weather this week after a disappointing summer. But the warm weather may not be over just yet, with the Met Office predicting an Indian Summer could return come early September.


However, with the heat can also come disturbed sleep and discomfort.

Below, I weigh in on TikTok’s top window ventilation hacks, from the useful to the downright dangerous, to help you beat the heat ahead of the summer heatwave…

Use fans to push hot air outside

This little-known hack relies on air pressure to effectively push hot air outside of open windows while simultaneously pulling in cool air.

To do so, set up a fan facing toward an open window. While the fan blows warm air outside the window, open any windows on the opposite side of the house. 

This will create a wind stream, allowing a cool, fresh breeze to flow through your home.‘Victorian air conditioning’ with sash windows.


Similarly, those with sash windows can use air pressure to flush out heat with cool air.

Opening both the bottom and top sash equally will separate the airflow and create a similar effect to air conditioning.


Just take care your sash windows have the full range of movement and aren’t sealed at the top before you try out this hack.

Use tin foil to deflect light

When the heat is truly unbearable, this viral trick can work well in a pinch for preventing more heat from entering your home.  

Coating your windows in aluminium foil mimics insulation window covers that we often see in vans and RVs. The shiny aluminium reflects light away from your home, preventing your windows from magnifying the heat and keeping your home cool.

However, windows can get too hot from light being reflected at the glass, so you run the risk of damaging your windows or even cracking the glass in extreme cases. 

Aluminium can also intensify brightness, making it a potential fire risk should the light reflect on flammable materials.


You’re much better off investing in a set of thermal curtains that will not only keep you warm in winter but prevent your home from becoming too hot in summer.


Fix your draughty windows

Just as important as getting cooler air into your home is making sure it stays in. Fixing window draughts will prevent any cool air loss and keep the heat outside. 

Because windows are slotted into a frame, there are always hairline gaps between the glass and the frame. These gaps can welcome unwanted draughts over time.

An effective window sealer such as silicone sealant or a variety of adhesive weather strips can be used to stop air from seeping through the gaps.


Just be sure to regularly open windows to ensure your home has adequate ventilation and prevent condensation and mould from forming.

Use a paper clamp to stop windows from banging

Those with loose-fitting windows may be put off by the incessant banging that can come from leaving your window open, even in hot weather.

One TikToker used a paper clamp to combat this annoyance to hook the window’s internal mechanism to the frame.

While the hack might work in a pinch, windows that can open and close with just a breeze are usually a sign that your window hinges are too loose. Banging windows can damage the frame or even the glass over time if they are not tightened.

Simply use a screwdriver to tighten the hinges in the window frame to make the window stiffer and prevent this problem.

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