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Get That Modern Farmhouse Feel
5 Tips to Take Your House from Run-Down to Rustic 


Getting a quaint cottage feel doesn’t mean you have to leave your new build two-storey house or the home you have created memories in for the last decade. In fact, there are a number of tips and tricks experts are using to transform any home into the modern dream farmhouse.  

The modern farmhouse has been curated from the classic interior design staple but with an airy – and sustainable – twist. And plenty of people are jumping on the bandwagon


So if you like the aesthetic but perhaps don’t like remote living, you can still enjoy the country-living lifestyle.  

Off the Grain, premium wooden furniture experts, have the top tips for upgrading your house into a farm home. 

Wooden Wall Panels _ Acoustic Wall Slats & Slatted Panelling - Off the Grain-10.png
Off The Grain
  1. Wall panelling 

Living in a modern house, such as a new build or terrace home, can distract you from the rustic, isolated farmhouse feel you are looking for. And bare white walls can detract from the warmth and comfort you try to bring in with this style.  


Wall panelling is a great solution to add some texture to your home. This can help warm your walls with a bit of colour without being overbearing or relying on paint.  


Dominic Walsh, CEO at Off the Grain, says: “Wall panels can also help dampen sound – giving you that isolated farmhouse feel, even in the centre of a city. Having some form of sound dampening can help remove distractions and make any room of your home feel like that little oasis away.”  

2.  Flooring 

Your flooring makes a big difference to how your home presents. If you are wanting to get that farmhouse feel, then woods and neutral tones are necessary to carry the theme throughout.  

“Floor panels, or even laminate flooring, can be a great alternative to carpet when you are trying to get the farmhouse feel. These also offer a great neutral base for rugs and doormats if you are wanting to add a bit of colour into your home,” says Dominic. 


So even if you are trailing in muddy boots after a long day out in the British weather, dog walking in your local park, or simply trekking home on your daily commute, your floors are just a wipe away from being clean. 

3.  Pay attention to furniture 

Farmhouses are a welcoming place centred around family. So the furniture you choose to decorate your home could mean the difference between a welcome reception and a frosty touch.  

One way to create an inviting atmosphere is by focusing on your entryway. A sturdy coat rack welcomes guests to take their coats off and relax. This also helps separate your coats from that hallway bannister when you walk in – helping to keep a tidier space.  


Dominic says: “The rustic feel should come through your furniture, but this doesn’t mean it has to be low quality. Premium wooden furniture can give you that modern farmhouse look you can be proud of.” 

Coat Racks _ Rustic Wooden, Solid Wood & Oak Coat Racks - Off the Grain-1.png
Off The Grain

The farmhouse aesthetic is never going out of style. Instead, it just adapts to the times, with more people looking for authentic, premium-quality pieces of furniture. 


From coffee tables with a neat collection of books, ranging from gardening to best recipes to give the true farmhouse feel, to a kitchen table adorned with egg and toast holders – a modern farmhouse incorporates functionality with fashion.   

4.  Reupholster and repaint 

Upgrading your home into a farmhouse doesn’t need to be expensive. If you have quality pieces of furniture you love, but they don’t quite fit, why not give DIY a shot? 

Adding white paint to wooden furniture, then wiping away some of the top coat while it is still damp, can help give you a good faded-paint effect – making the rustic style spring from every corner of your home. 


“Quality pieces stand the test of time, so there is no need to get rid of your beloved furniture to fit your fashion. Instead, why not practice a bit of limewash, reupholstering fabrics, or stripping to see what you can make,” says Dominic. 


5.  Décor 

Dominic continues: “And family is the centre of a good farmhouse. Decorating your home with pictures of your loved ones won’t only help bring the memories and love into your home, but it will also fit within your interior design goals.” 

Picture frames can be found or DIY-ed to fit your farmhouse style with whitewash paint and wood grains providing the perfect neutral calm for your home.  

And what is a modern farmhouse without animals of some kind? No, we don’t mean adding another pet. Instead, you can find pieces of décor which feature animals and all things nature. Making sure each room has a vase of flowers can help elevate your space too.

6.  Make your kitchen the hub of your home 

A good farmhouse doesn’t have the living room as the central hub but the kitchen. This is where all the best bakes are made, and everyone gathers to steal a sneaky slice! 


Dominic says: “Whether you are baking up a storm or inviting friends around for tea, the kitchen is a central hub for any home. Making sure this area can function as a place to socialise, not only to cook, is key for the quaint cottage feel.” 

The kitchen can bridge the space between indoors and outside. Plant pots growing your own herbs on the windowsill, a garden bench upholstered as indoor seating, and a runner can make even the smallest kitchen a more functional and fun, outdoor-inspired space.


No matter where your home is, if you want to bring a bit of that country living into your house, then the farmhouse feel could be for you. This can make the largest homes into grandoutdoor-inspired houses, or even the smallest rooms replicate the quaint cottages of luxurious holidays. All it takes is a bit of time, some DIY, and wood. 

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