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Expert reveals top tier advice on what to avoid to achieve a truly lavish outdoor space

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If you often find yourself looking out at your garden and feeling underwhelmed, there are an abundance of changes you can implement to make it feel a little more luxe. Andrew White, Marketing Manager from Harbour Lifestyle, the luxury outdoor living brand, has revealed four exclusive tips to help you elevate your outdoor space from drab, to fab. Are you ready for a transformation?

Upgrade your furniture

Certain types of furniture might be holding your garden back from its full potential. Andrew White, Marketing Manager from Harbour Lifestyle, comments:


“Many homeowners unknowingly compromise the luxurious feel of their garden by using temporary furniture, such as pop-up gazebos and camping chairs. Although they may be functional, the impermanence and laidback aesthetic of camping equipment is lacklustre and can make any outdoor space feel bland and unfinished.

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“Instead of a pop-up gazebo, opt for a high-quality pergola. Pergolas are permanent structures that can be free standing or wall mounted, which provide shelter, shade, and style to any outdoor space. Alongside their aesthetic and functional benefits, they are also a great investment in comparison to non-permanent alternatives, as they truly stand the test of time thanks to their sturdy structure.”

Harmonize your outdoor furniture

If you invest in high-quality furniture, but still can’t quite nail a co-ordinated look, it might be time to look at the bigger picture. Andrew White, comments:

“Mismatched furniture can create a cluttered and unrefined look in your garden. To establish a more cohesive and stylish aesthetic, select outdoor furniture pieces that complement each other seamlessly. For example, if you have a rattan sofa, why not opt for a dining set in a similar colour and texture? 


“Another great way to pair pieces together is by using matching accessories. If your sofa set has neutral throw cushions, add some more onto your dining set chairs. Then, add a neutral outdoor rug to a patio or decking area. This repetition of colour will help to create a consistent theme throughout your space.”

Learn the art of landscaping

Unkempt lawns and overgrown plants can detract from the luxurious ambiance of your garden. Andrew White, comments:


“Prioritising the regular maintenance of your garden can make a whole host of difference. Neatly trimmed lawns, well-maintained flowerbeds, and thoughtfully curated plant arrangements contribute to the overall sense of elegance in your space – helping it to look polished and professionally maintained.”

Ditch the viral 'Shower Curtain' Garden Hack

While some trends may be appealing at first glance, they might not stand the test of time – or the judgemental eyes of guests and neighbours. Andrew White, comments:

“Whilst the viral TikTok shower curtain hack - whereby a wall is covered up by a decorative shower curtain - might be creative and fun, it takes away from the luxury atmosphere that you are trying to achieve. Instead, try exploring other feature wall designs, such as a statement trellis adorned with vertical crawling plants, or unique water features, which naturally exude a quintessential British charm.”

So, with Andrew White’s expert advice at your fingertips, you’re sure to be on your way to a lavish alfresco space in no time!

For more information on Harbour Lifestyle, please visit here.

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