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Washing on the mind:

6 in 10 Brits

 admit to tackling chores in between work tasks

Almost two-thirds of Brits confess to cleaning in between work tasks, with a sparkling sink, toilet and hob at the

top of the priority list.

According to Tap Warehouse’s Cleaning Habits Report, a third of workers also admit to combatting chores during their lunch break, rising to 48% when considering those who primarily work from home.

On the whole, most people spend up to ten hours cleaning their home each week, with Saturday morning being the main time to get the housework done. However, when taking into account the total number of people who clean each day - at any time of the day - Monday comes out on top.

A daily clean of the sinks is the main priority for almost half of Brits (48%), while 23% say cleaning and bleaching the toilet is a must. A wipe down of the hob is the third most common daily chore to do.

Pexals/Andrea Placquadio

Dominic Lees-Bell, cleaning expert at kitchen and bathroom retailer, Tap Warehouse, comments:


“While remote working, it’s too easy to think about everything you need to get done around the house, but cleaning while working can certainly be a topic of debate. 

“Some would argue that breaking away from work can disrupt the flow of tasks, and provide too much of a distraction, while others would say short breaks provide a mental reset and can increase productivity.

“The key here is to get the balance right, and to avoid getting too carried away with the housework, going from a quick blitz to a full reorganisation of all the kitchen cupboards! 


“The popular Pomodoro time management technique actually encourages a five-minute break every 25 minutes; during this time you could certainly vacuum a room or two, wash a few dishes or empty the dishwasher. Just make sure to put a timer on so you don’t get swept up in what you’re doing, and what still needs to be done.”

The survey of 1,000 UK workers also highlights the nation’s most hated household tasks, with ironing and steam cleaning topping the list.

In second place is cleaning the oven, as voted by more than a quarter of Brits (28%).

Other chores we love to hate include: 

  • Full carpet cleaning (17%)

  • Blinds/curtain cleaning (16%)

  • Dusting (15%)

  • Cleaning the base of the toilet, and the area behind it (14%)

  • Cleaning skirting boards (12%)

Our least favourite chores are the same for both men and women, with slightly more women expressing their disdain for ironing and cleaning the oven.

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