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Cost of living crisis or not, everyone is always on the lookout for ways to save money and that couldn’t be truer than when it comes to energy bills. 


As a nation, we’re inundated with news of rising energy bills and being told to prepare for the worst. Sometimes however, it can feel like there’s not a great deal of clear information on ways to try and combat that. And, whilst there isn’t a magic wand to instantly make these money-related problems go away, there are a number of simple ways to help soften the blow.

  • Reduced shower time

We are not for a second suggesting you cut out showers overall as, whilst that would reduce your energy bills, it is bound to create a new problem! However, naturally reducing the average length you’re in the shower will, over time, save you some money on your bills. For example, the Energy Saving Trust recently revealed that showering for just four minutes could save you £75 a year. 


  • No more tumble-drying 

Summer is the perfect time to make the most of the warmer fresh air and dust off the washing line, because you’d be surprised how much money you can save by turning off that tumble-dryer. Whilst it’s nice to sink into a warm dressing gown or have your socks dry in ten minutes when you’re running behind on washing – this saving is well worth while.  

  • Keep an eye on your gadgets 

If you’re a household filled with phones, AirPods, and laptops that all need regular charging – it’s worth taking note of how long they all sit plugged in for. It may seem obvious, but leaving your devices to charge overnight is no doubt going to increase your electricity bill. Instead, just charge them up for a couple of hours in the day and you’ll soon notice a difference. A small but vital step. 


  • Fill your dishwasher to the brim

For those who use a dishwasher, it’s important to take note of how many times you’re running it each week – as too many unnecessary uses here and there will no doubt start to add up. Before setting it off for a clean, make sure it is completely full. Less space equals less waste!

  • Wash your clothes with cold water

A great step to take if you’re looking to spend less money is washing your clothes with cold water. Most washing detergents and fabric softeners are designed to work just as effectively in a cold wash – so there really is no need to be blowing your budget on hot washes. 


  • Savings start with new build

Whilst this tip isn’t quite so small, for those currently in the process of looking for their dream home it’s worth noting that sometimes newer really is cheaper. A new report from the Home Builders Federation found that new build houses save over £180 a month on energy bills.

St Modwen Homes

New build properties require significantly less energy use compared to older properties – resulting in a 64% increase in energy savings in new houses versus older counterparts. 


So, there you have it. Some handy money-saving tips to help combat the ever-present worries surrounding being able to pay for your household bills.


For more information about St. Modwen Homes or its range of popular developments, please visit here.

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