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Airgon - Save up to 20% on heating bills. Fast, easy, guaranteed! – Airgon.png
  • Airgon is a compact, easy to fit device that can be installed to any wet heating system in under 30 minutes.

  • Air trapped in the heating system’s water prevents radiators from reaching maximum temperature. Airgon ensures that the boiler and heating system work optimally by removing the air and preventing cold spots and corrosion. 

  • For a one-off £249 cost, Airgon will increase the efficiency of old boilers by as much as 30%

  • Airgon even works on new systems, reducing energy consumption by as much as 15%

  • If all of the UK’s 23 million households with gas boilers installed an Airgon it would reduce CO2 emissions by 20m metric tonnes. This would achieve almost 50% of the UK government’s domestic target for carbon emissions in just 12 months.

According to charity, National Energy Action, as many as 7.3 million households across the UK are said to be in fuel poverty. 


Rising energy costs, the cost-of-living crisis and energy inefficient homes are restricting people’s options, with many having to make the impossible choice of ‘heating’ or ‘eating’. 


In a survey conducted in 2022, one in four Brits said they ‘wouldn’t turn on the heating over winter’, with one in seven saying they’d use less heating and a whopping 10% said they were looking at taking out a loan to cover soaring energy costs. 


But a new energy saving device could be the answer to lowering those ever-increasing energy bills. 


Airgon is a British designed and manufactured appliance that attaches to the heating system and makes the radiators hotter, increasing the amount of heat transferred for less fuel. It also works to prevent cold spots building up in the radiators. 


Cold spots occur when air gets trapped in radiators or due to a build up of sludge which both prevent the flow of water transferring heating into the room.


Over time, more and more air and sludge accumulates in the radiators meaning that the boiler has to work harder. The radiator will then need to be bled, or at worst, the entire heating system may need a power flush, which can cost anywhere from £350 - £800, on average. 

Home Heating Gadget.jpg

“The technology we have developed improves the functionality of our boilers and heating systems to a level that will make a real difference to consumer’s pockets, in a time of financial crisis. "​

Installing Airgon takes less than 30 minutes and can be installed by homeowners or plumbers alike, and once fitted, radiators become noticeably hotter, and no longer have to be bled.


Plus, the device stops corrosion inside the radiators, which prevents the boiler from overworking, prolonging the life of it and reducing the chance of costly plumbing emergencies or plumbing call-outs. 


Airgon is scientifically proven to increase thermal transfer from radiators, and on older systems - typically over four years old - will improve system efficiency and return the entire heating system back to optimum levels. Airgon will even make a difference to brand new boilers. Customers typically reduce energy consumption by 15% to 20% but this could be significantly more. 


The benefits - which see less energy used to create more heat - mean that a homeowner will turn down their thermostat three or four times as soon as the device is installed and the entire system becomes much quieter. 

Airgon has already been installed in over 600 homes across the UK as well as hospitals, care homes, pubs, offices and churches up and down the country in a bid to improve their energy usage, and save money. 


Shoppers have already been leaving rave reviews about Airgon, with a reviewer commenting: “I had Airgon installed earlier this year and I am truly amazed at the difference it has made. My heating system has improved immensely, I intended to purchase a new boiler but now have no need to.”


For those looking to tackle their energy costs prior to winter, Airgon is available to buy now from at a one-off cost of £249 or spread payment options. 


Airgon also offers a 100% money-back guarantee; if the device doesn’t lower household heating bills by a minimum of 10%, the company will give shoppers their money back, guaranteed. 

Airgon - Save up to 20% on heating bills. Fast, easy, guaranteed! – Airgon_edited.jpg
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