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Design tips for pantries and larders by Herringbone


Larders and pantries are beautiful and convenient options when it comes to bespoke storage, functionality

and kitchen luxury.

Here we want to give design tips for creating the best pantry or larder depending on your needs, family situation and personal style. 

  • Consider the right doors: Larders and pantries have many options when it comes to the doors, if you decide to have doors. A great solution would be to have bifold doors or pocket doors so when the unit is in use and the family are in and out during the time of use the doors are half the size and can sit nicely over the worktop in front. However, if you’d like your spice racks to hang go for the typical cabinet option. These can be solid wood or glass depending on the design


  • Bespoke internals: think shelves, drawers, cold shelves and stone splash back, it can be whatever you want and need it to be. A functional and beautiful internal appearance can make all the difference to the way you use your larder or pantry, as well as how it makes you feel when you open the doors to the first shelf works great also

  • Usability: Both are a great option to hide everything away, a full-on walk-in pantry can sometimes be harder to incorporate than a larder, but it does give the option to go wider than a larder due to the makeup of the design and usability

  • Personal solutions: both options allow for personalisation. Why not incorporate a ladder if you need to reach higher up or bespoke wine storage for display or hidden away. It’s a personal choice of what the design looks like however, as long as it fits your personal needs you’re winning

  • Sockets are a must: naturally both pantries and larders are the best place to house a toaster or a coffee machine and integrate the microwaves so that all small appliances are together. Sockets in the rear would be very common and useful as it all appliances can be used then and there

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