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How to incorporate travel into your home décor


By Matthew Currington, Technical Director,

 The Lighting Superstore

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Travelling can be an incredible experience, but once the trip is over, you may be wondering how to bring those memories to life at home.

Incorporating your previous travels into your home is not only a great way of showcasing happy memories but also helps create a unique home, filled with personal touches.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate travel into your home décor.


Integrate memories

Memories of your trips don’t have to be limited to your Instagram feed. There are many ways to highlight these memories in your home.

Of course, framing photographs is an obvious choice. However, you’ll want to curate this carefully to create a nice mix of photographs and artwork. 

Pick a few photos in a similar colour palette or even black and white. To create interest, pick a few different sizes and styles of frames.

Smell is also a great way to reignite memories of destinations. Take note of scents on your travels and find scented candles with similar notes to group together.

Bring in texture

Use textures in your space that mimic your favourite getaway's architecture or natural surroundings. Whether you want to highlight glass and metal materials from your top city destination or you’re looking to bring the outside in and mimic a beloved outdoor spot, there’s a way to bring that inspiration into your home.

Layering different textures helps to create depth and variety. Vases, ornaments and mirrors are a perfect way to play with texture on a small scale. Create an arrangement of objects with varying textures from your travels to make a statement. 

Of course, don’t forget the lighting. Layering lighting provides you with a range of lighting options depending on the mood and an easy way to bring in texture.

Opt for something sleek and shiny like a chrome light fixture, or venture toward something more natural.

Play with colour


The world around us is vibrant and filled with a range of colours and tones. Incorporating this diversity into your home is a wonderful way to make your place feel homier.


Using just one colour throughout your home can make it feel cold and uninviting. Even if you prefer to stick to natural tones, try to use a variety of neutral colours and textures like wood and rattan to help create diversity.

colour pallette.png

Pick a range of tones from your favourite destination and use that as a colour palette to help create direction for your design.

For a home inspired by the coast, stick with muted colours like moody blues and pale beiges. If you’re more at home in a forest, focus on earthy tones like sage green and terracotta.

Remember, you’re not looking to recreate these tones exactly as you don’t want your room to look too themed.

Focus on authenticity

Around every corner of a popular tourist destination, you’ll find a gift shop filled with mementoes. While these may be a good reminder of a destination, they are often overpriced and mass-produced.

If you’re looking for souvenirs from your trip to display at home, focus on unique, handmade items.

Before you go on your trip, do some research on items that may be a speciality in the region. These may include handmade items like pottery or woven fabrics. Items like these are great for bringing personality into your space without it feeling like a souvenir shop.

It’s also important when taking inspiration from different regions to be respectful of cultures. Before buying items with significance, like religious statues, consider if these are the best fit for your home. 


Similarly, avoid taking natural materials like plants and rocks as these can damage the local environment.

 Matthew Currington, Technical Director

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