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How to fit your own flooring, according to an expert


The DIY home market has grown steadily in recent years and is set to grow further as more homeowners are opting to improve rather than move due to economic uncertainties.


Revamping your flooring is sure to breathe new life into any living space and fitting it yourself can be a satisfying and cost-effective way to achieve this.


Craig Smith, Merchandising Manager, from Flooring Superstore shares their top tips on how to install fresh new flooring to achieve professional-looking results, for a fraction of the cost.

Explore flooring options


“The starting point for any DIY flooring project is to do your research on different flooring types, based on your specific requirements. For example, families with young kids and pets will need something hardwearing and resistant to the thrills and spills of family life and some flooring types are better suited to DIY projects than others. Laminate, vinyl and carpet options are relatively straightforward to fit for any competent DIY-er, whereas with materials like solid wood, it is probably best to call in the experts.”


Preparation is key


“Once you’ve decided on the type of flooring you’re going to install, it’s time to prepare to install it. It’s essential to measure your space accurately so you can order the right amount of materials (not forgetting to add on an extra 10 per cent for wastage). Flooring Superstore has a handy measurement guide to ensure you aren’t caught short.


“Make sure you have the right tools for the job and for the flooring type, such as a utility knife, saw and safety equipment. And to keep costs down, borrow equipment from friends and family where you can.”


Level up


“The importance of having a smooth, stable and level subfloor to create a professional looking finish cannot be underestimated. Remove any existing flooring and ensure the flooring underneath is clean dry and level.


“Repair cracks and imperfections and remove nails and staples. For very uneven surfaces you may need to look at using a levelling compound or additional insulation to ensure your finished product has the wow factor.”


Get flaw-free floors


“Familiarise yourself with any special techniques needed for the flooring you’ve opted for and be sure to factor in any considerations like acclimation periods, which are needed for some materials including wood. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for a tailored approach, as there are a number of ways floors can be fitted – from interlocking floorboards to glue or even nails.


“Next, get online – there’s never been so many online tutorials to educate even the most inexperienced of DIYers and provide a ready-made guide to fitting flooring properly. Plan your approach when it comes to installation, starting from the centre of the room and working towards the edges ensures a balanced and professional finish.”

Future-proof your flooring


“No matter how amazing your flooring looks once its installed, it’s how you protect and maintain your flooring which counts, to ensure you future-proof it for years to come.


“The best ways to maintain your flooring vary depending on the material but some general pointers would be to clean up spills immediately, keep your floor clean through regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. Make use of mats and runners in places of high footfall or locations like kitchens and kids’ rooms where spills are more likely to protect the flooring underneath. Furniture pads also come in very handy when it comes to protecting your new floors from heavy furniture like sofas and tables.”

Get the look:

For easy to install flooring opt for vinyl, laminate or carpet options, such as:

  • Flooring Superstore’s Wiltshire Frosted Floral Tiles are sure to make a statement in any room. Perfectly suited to bathrooms and hallways, these hardwearing vinyl tiles can be installed with a specialist adhesive. £14.99 per square metre.

  • Flooring Superstore’s Golden Oak Laminate features the natural charm of wood with knots and grain patterns, while being affordable. A must for any modern décor, this flooring can be fitted through a handy click mechanism. £9.99 per square metre.

  • Flooring Superstore’s St Ives Carpet in Dove is sure to bring an elegant touch to any home. Durable and hardwearing this carpet is sure to withstand family life and can be glued down to the subfloor below for easy installation. £6.99 per square metre.

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