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ASPECT, the UK’s leading home and commercial property maintenance team, explains why installing a water butt will cut household bills by up to £300 per annum and save water


The impact of climate change has meant summers of higher temperatures, less rainfall, and more frequent hosepipe bans. To help combat the effects, 24-hour property maintenance firm, ASPECT can help install water butts outside properties for as little as £85+VAT so that homeowners can be kinder to the planet (and their pockets) in their use of water. 

Find reasons below from ASPECT on why harvesting rainwater is the best solution to economically reducing water waste and saving up to £300 on annual bills:

1. It’s better for the environment. According to The Water Services Regulation Authority the process of collecting, treating and supplying clean water to the mains contributes towards climate change. When rainwater drains from the roof, into gutters and downpipes, it usually ends up either in a soakaway, or the main sewage system. By harvesting this water, homeowners can reduce their water waste.

2. It saves money.  Energy Saving Trust reports that an increasing number of water suppliers are operating in water stressed areas, one of which is the Southeast. Harvesting rainwater reduces the amount of water used from the local water company, and in turn, could save billpayers a considerable amount of money.

3. It’s better for the plants. Many people water their plants from the mains supply, but gardeners in the know will usually advise against this. That’s because drinking water from the kitchen tap has already been treated with chemicals to make it safe for us to drink. These chemicals are fine for human consumption, but plants prefer rainwater.

4. An alternative water source during hosepipe bans. Dry summers can lead to hosepipe bans, as water companies try to conserve their supplies in times of drought. Breaking this ban and using a hose to water your garden, wash the car or fill a child’s paddling pool from the mains, could incur costs of up to £1,000. In contrast, hosepipes can be connected to rainwater harvesting tanks where they’ve been topped up with natural rainwater.


5. It’s surprisingly simple and cost effective. Domestic rainwater harvesting tanks typically hold between 100 and 300 litres and usually take between 2-3 hours to install. An entry level model with a diverter costs around £50. An ASPECT expert roofer will connect the tank to an existing downpipe and check that the gutters and connected fascia boards are in good condition.

By entrusting ASPECT, residential and commercial property owners can ensure optimal safety, saving money and water. The UK’s leading home and commercial property maintenance firm and its team of experts are available to answer any questions interested parties may have.

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