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Chimney Sheep Ltd launches handwoven British wool rug

Chimney Sheep Ltd has launched a brand new range of 100% wool rugs. The T’yan Wool Rugs (“t’yan” meaning “two” in the Cumbrian sheep-counting dialect) are handwoven using a yarn that is made up of two types of wool – Herdwick and Texel – which has been sourced from UK farms. The undyed Herdwick wool creates the unique grey shades found in each rug, whilst the finer Texel wool adds softness. Synthetic fibre free and sustainable, the unique grey rugs are suited to a range of interior styles and come in five sizes to fit a variety of room sizes.

The Chimney Sheep T’yan Wool Rugs are hand-woven on an old-fashioned wooden loom. The yarn used is made by spinning together wool from two breeds of sheep. The sweet-faced yet hardy Herdwick sheep from Cumbria (that Chimney Sheep Ltd already uses in many of its wool products) and the not-so-cute looking Texel sheep. The undyed Herdwick wool fibres show off the plethora of naturally occurring grey shades, making each rug completely unique and adaptable to many interior styles. Being a coarser fibre, the Herdwick wool also adds durability, quality and structure to the rug. Texel wool is a traditional ‘white’ wool that is finer and softer. This helps to create a more tactile rug that feels soft underfoot. The Herdwick wool is sourced directly from farmers in Cumbria by Chimney Sheep Ltd during its annual wool sourcing project, Operation Wool whilst the Texel wool is sourced from farms around the UK.


The T’yan Wool Rugs are one of the most sustainable rugs on the market. Made of 100% natural wool from UK farms, the rug is synthetic and plastic fibre free which means that at the end of each rug’s long, long life, the rug can be composted and will completely break down. The production process has also been made as sustainable as possible by Chimney Sheep Ltd. The company chose UK wool to make the rugs, leave the wool undyed and chose to use handweaving techniques to avoid any energy intensive processes.


As well as stylish, the new wool rugs from Chimney Sheep Ltd are also functional. The rugs are an effective way to draught-proof and add extra insulation to rooms with cracks between floorboards. Covering these gaps with a wool rug stops cold air coming into a room, helping to keep rooms warmer, more energy efficient and reduce energy bills.


The T’yan Wool Rug comes in five sizes, from XS (70cm x 140cm) to XL (190cm x 290cm). Prices for The T’yan Wool Rugs start at £150 and can be purchased from through the Chimney Sheep website:

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