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New case studies & design inspiration from Herringbone

The latest tips on design inspiration that is seeing a real boost in the past few months and going into the second half of the year, according to William Durrant owner of Herringbone: 

  1. Peg board drawers for storage – incorporating bespoke storage into the kitchen is one that sparks joy whenever it is in use. The peg boards detail in drawers are not only great for organising but it’s also a bespoke design detail that looks incredible. 

  2. Statement wood stain elements – this includes natural, stained, detailed or washed wood statement pieces such as islands, dressers or display units to bring warmth, elegance and luxurious textures into the kitchen space. 

  3. Pops of bright colour – bright statement colours bring character and fun into a kitchen. By incorporating them into drawers, cabinets, backs of dressers or internal cabinetry it creates a wow-factor and a talking point at all times. 

  4. Veined worktops as art: marble is a gorgeous luxurious option that naturally has a beautiful vein in it. Porcelain is being used more and more to emulate marble by neatly painting veins on these materials look beautiful and they don’t easily stain. 

New projects, and case studies: 

Barnes Bridge Kitchen


The Design

This kitchen has an incredible amount of detail and craftmanship. On the main run lower cabinets have been fitted under the gorgeous roof light with a perfectly fitted counter corner cabinet sitting at the end of the worktop. On the back wall sits floor to ceiling cabinets, with the ovens in the middle and extra storage units above it, which needs the bespoke ladder to get up to. To the left of the spacious island is a large bespoke dresser and bar perfect for even more storage.

The banquette seat at the end of the main run is made to fit into the space and extend the seating options for the family. The kitchen is designed in our Westminster style and bespokely fitted to perfectly fit into this kitchen.


The Oxted Project: Kitchen, Larder, Drinks Unit, Hidden Desk & TV Snug Unit


The Design

We recently completed this gorgeous large open plan project for a lovely family near Oxted. The large space includes a tall bespoke floor to ceiling units on the L-shaped run hiding away the larders and even a hidden desk! It also has a run of of lower cabinets where the main sink is fitted.


The large island has seating to fit the whole family, a sink, large Bora hub and plenty of bespoke storage. The dark island is a wonderful contrast colour to the rest of the kitchen and brings it all together. The kitchen is designed in our Westminster style and bespokely fitted to perfectly fit into this large open plan space.


The Leigh-on-Sea Kitchen


The Design

We love how this open plan space and kitchen seems to flow so seemlessly. This kitchen works great for socialising but it also connects the living space with the outdoor garden through the large doors and landscape panoramic window above the sink and worktop.


The Hythe Kitchen & Walk-in Pantry

The Design

This kitchen offers an intriguing Californian and Mediterranean feel complemented by its natural materials and earthy tones. It’s a great open plan kitchen that truly makes use of every single space available. Not only is it great for socialising but it also connects the living space with the kitchen.

The bespoke L-shaped design has floor to cealing cabinets on either side of the range cooker stove and an L-shaped run of lower cabinets. The kitchen is full of hidden storage and small details that make it flow for day-to-day use and for socialising.

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