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When painting indoors we often consider whether the room is north, south, east or west facing, choosing colours to help create a sense of space or maximise light. The same practice can be applied to our gardens. 

In the past month, we have seen a 51% rise in searches for ‘fence paint colours' on Pinterest, meaning Brits are getting their paint brushes out and are looking at ways to spruce up their gardens. 


The paint experts at The Paint Shed, have advised what action you should take in your garden whether it’s north, south, east or west facing.  



North-facing gardens spend most of the day in the shade, with the sun typically reaching the far end of the space during the evenings from May to October. 


If you’re looking to maximise colour in your shaded garden you can brighten up dark wooden furniture or give your fence a new lease of life with a new colour. 


Sage green fence paint is one of the most popular colours from 2022. Its earthy, calming tones help to create a welcoming outdoor space, whilst also making your garden appear bigger. 


Additionally, timeless white is a great option for shaded gardens. The classic white picket fence is sure to brighten any outdoor space and won't date. 




With the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, south-facing gardens are very desirable, sitting in sunlight all day long.  All colours work well in these gardens, however cool shades such as blue and green can balance the intensity of the sunlight.


We’ve seen a rise in silver-grey fence paint which is a great option for those looking for a lighter, brighter boundary. 




The perfect setting for your morning breakfast, east-facing gardens get the sun from the minute it rises until around 1pm, with partial shade growing until the evening. 


Dark grey or black fences are perfect for these spaces, as opposed to a brighter colour, so as not to draw your attention to the boundaries when the garden is in shade. 


If you are looking to achieve a jungle look or you want to showcase your plants, a darker colour, like trending anthracite grey can give the illusion of depth and make your plants and flowers stand out. 

The Paint Shed


Similarly to an east-facing garden, the garden will be in shade in the morning until 1pm before receiving sunlight for the second half of the day and into the evening. 

A prime spot to enjoy the sunset during the long evenings, why not maximise the warm tones that illuminate the garden at that time with a pink fence, blues like Cuprinol's Barleywood or a natural coloured fence which will also give the illusion of a bigger space by again, not drawing your attention to the boundaries. 

If your fence hasn't been painted before, you can use an opaque exterior wood stain, like the new Osmo product that can be tinted to any colour, this also helps protect the wood from weathering over time.

Tips for working with an older fence 

If you are working with an older fence take the time to treat and restore your panels before painting. 

  • Start by lightly sanding the surface to remove any previous paint. 

  • Fix chips and cracks with glue or replace old and rusty nails and scrub away any dirt, grime and mildew with a stiff bristle brush to reinforce the strength of your fence. 

  • Next clean the area with a fungicidal wash to remove any algae, moss or paint debris. Once dry, apply a coat of wood preserver to prevent wood rot. When the weather forecast and fence are fully dry you can begin to paint. 

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