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Coastal Kitchen Inspiration: Budget-Friendly Tips for a Breezy, Beachy Space  

The coastal kitchen trend has become increasingly popular for its serene and breezy aesthetic. 


There has been a significant increase in interest in the coastal aesthetic. There has been a 300 percent increase in Google searches for the coastal aesthetic over the past year while Pinterest Trends show that searches for ‘coastal kitchens’ have increased 50 percent in the past month alone. 


While this aesthetic is often inspired by luxurious holiday homes, there are some practical and budget-friendly ways to achieve this look at home. 

Opt for a Light and Airy Colour Palette 


Coastal kitchens are known for their bright and airy aesthetic, which creates a sense of tranquillity. Opt for muted, earthy colours like whites and beiges, but try to avoid colours that are too warm toned.  


This doesn’t mean you have to avoid colours altogether though, pale blues and greens, along with light wood tones will help create more warmth and depth in your home. 


A coat of paint on kitchen cabinet doors is a great way of updating the look and feel of your kitchen without paying for a complete renovation. However, if a large painting project is not an option, bring in this colour palette through soft furnishings like curtains and rugs, and décor accessories. 

Embrace Natural Elements 


Incorporating natural elements into your coastal kitchen design is an affordable way to enhance the overall aesthetic. Wood, stone and natural materials like linen, raffia and jute are ideal.  


Consider using linen or jute placemats, or table runners to add a touch of coastal charm. Plants are also a great way of bringing in some additional colour to the space. Look for planters in muted tones or a wicker basket to maintain the aesthetic. 


Coastal-Inspired Backsplash 


Changing your kitchen backsplash is a simple and cost-effective way to update your kitchen.


Instead of investing in expensive materials, explore budget-friendly alternatives. Consider peel-and-stick tiles or ceramic subway tiles in shades of blue, white, or soft neutrals. These affordable options can provide a refreshing coastal vibe without straining your budget.  


Another affordable option is a wooden tongue and groove kitchen backsplash. This is an easy-to-install option and as a bonus, the panels can be repainted whenever you feel like updating the colour. 


Repurpose Charity Store Finds 


To decorate your coastal kitchen without overspending, search your local charity stores for accessories and furniture. A selection of eclectic décor items in similar colour palettes is a great way of creating the cosy, lived-in feeling often associated with the coastal aesthetic. 


Look for items like distressed wooden chairs or tables that can be painted or refinished with a coastal colour palette. Incorporate woven baskets, glass jars and ceramic accessories like jugs and bowls into your kitchen décor too. However, try to avoid items that look too nautical – such as those with blue and white stripes or seashells as this can make your kitchen look like a themed room. 


Upgrade Your Lighting 


Good lighting is essential to create a bright and inviting coastal kitchen. Make the most of natural light in your kitchen by using sheer curtains or blinds. 


For a coastal flair opt for statement pendant lights made from natural materials like rattan. Upgrading the lighting in your kitchen is a quick and affordable way to bring in the coastal aesthetic.  


For additional mood lighting in your kitchen, opt for table lamps with a ceramic or wood base. These are a great way to incorporate the beachy look, while still creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen.  

Add Artwork 


Artwork can be a cost-effective way to add some interest to your kitchen. Look for affordable prints, black-and-white photographs and charity store frames to complete this quick upgrade. 


Coastal landscapes bring a sense of the seaside into your kitchen but avoid art that has too many nautical motifs, like sailboats and shells as these can make your kitchen look like it’s a themed room, rather than an overall aesthetic.  

By Matthew Currington, Technical Director
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