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8 Essential security tips to protect your home against burglary
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To help you stay safe this summer, the security experts at ADT have revealed their top tips on how to protect your home against burglary.

8 Tips To Protect Your Home Against Burglary:

1. Lock your doors and windows

If you think you’ve locked your doors, it is extra safe if you to double-check. The same applies to your windows too, any points of entry must be locked when you go to bed or leave the house. For an added level of security, you could also add an extra lock to your doors and windows.

2. Invest in a smart security system

A more modern approach to protecting your home is to install a smart security system, which is becoming a much more popular option. These systems come with a host of features, such as allowing you to check live and recorded video footage from cameras and video doorbells. They also allow you to remotely toggle an alarm on and off from your phone. Additionally, you can receive arming reminders if you leave home without setting your alarm.

3. Ensure your alarm system is professionally monitored

You can’t always be sure to catch alerts sent to your phone, but with professionally monitored alarm systems, you can be at ease. These systems use a monitoring system that sends an alert when it detects a burglary or fire for instance, then contacts the appropriate authorities on your behalf, ensuring a swift response.

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4. Your calendar could be used against you

This one is a little more outside the box, but if you leave your calendar close to a window, for instance, you’re potentially showing everyone your plans. Doing so could be showing off your holiday plans or other events when you might not be home. Planning things ahead of time is fine, but just be sure not to leave those plans where burglars could benefit.

5. Light up your home

Lighting your home is another way to signal to a burglar that your home is occupied, even if it isn’t, and as such can deter attempted break-ins. Smart plugs can be used like a traditional timer switch, but you can stagger the times they come on and you can operate the lights in your home remotely, no matter where you are. Your video doorbell and camera devices work in collaboration with smart plugs so when they detect motion outside, the system can switch on lights.

6. Don’t leave keys outside

This is an all too common practice, however, you should avoid leaving a spare key outside, even in the case of emergencies. There are better contingencies to take to ensure whoever needs access to the key can reach it. For example, you could leave it with nearby relatives or trusted friends or neighbours.

7. Keep expensive goods out of easy view

Where possible, you should avoid leaving expensive and valuable items in clear view. Putting valuables in clear sight makes it easier for burglars to scope out your property, making it easier to target your most expensive items to steal.

8. Cancel or rearrange deliveries

If you’re planning on going away for any period of time, you should consider cancelling or making alternative arrangements for any deliveries. Often, delivery drivers may leave parcels on doorsteps or other “safe places”, assuming you’ll be home shortly to collect them. However, this is a clear indication to burglars that you aren’t home, and as such your property may become a target.

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