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Tips For Making A Green Kitchen Stand Out

Green kitchens of all shades and colours are having a moment and Herringbone Kitchens is here for it. 


Green kitchens are timeless and fun as they can be decorated, accessorised and adapted to fit different styles, personalities and individual preferences. Here William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens shares a few tips on how to make green kitchens stand out: 

Tone: selecting the right tone and shade for your space is important to get right in order to achieve your end design goal. Lighter and pastel greens are perfect for helping bring the outdoor inside, connecting the greenery in your outdoor space with that of your kitchen is a lovely design element that can not only bring calm but also transform the way the space looks and feels – this is perfect for kitchen extensions for example. Darker greens are also perfect for making a statement, whether that’s the whole kitchen or allowing the island or cabinets to stand out. We also like dark greens in smaller spaces as it creates an intimate environment that you can’t resist wanting to spend time in. The Herringbone Paints range has many different tones to choose from. 

Lighter surfaces: lighter worktops or floating shelves with lovely, veined detail and warm light wooden shelves are lovely complements to green kitchens. Not only do the lighter details stand out but they also help bring “the green” to life. Marble is stunning and durable, however, less expensive materials such as porcelain or Quartz are also great options that will stand the test of time.

Play with Textures: We love bringing texture into the kitchen space. The different tones of green, whether that’s sage, olive, sea green or bluey-green, are perfect for adding texture to. Think about warm wooden colours or earthy and natural materials that help bring “the green” to life and again bring the outdoor, inside. The same goes for lighter/fun coloured tile choices that not only add personality to the space but also help bring in more character to the kitchen.

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