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Alexandra Champalimaud, THG Paris

THG Paris was founded in 1956 and specialises in  the design, manufacture and marketing of high end bathroom fittings and accessories. 

Established in over 60 countries, THG Paris  is an international company with 6 branches  worldwide (London, Paris, Moscow, New York,  Shanghai and Dubai). THG Paris’s international  presence allows us to support our customers  all around the world, including country-specific  products. 

THG Paris controls the entire design and  production process internally in order to  offer highly innovative solutions and designs.  Renowned for our attention to detail and high quality products, distinguished designers  regularly collaborate and entrust us with the  realisation of their projects. Thanks to our  expertise, we are able to offer a wide variety of custom-made products. We have developed  many different collections and projects alongside  designers such as Jamie Drake, Gilles & Boissier,  Martin Kemp and Charles Zana, among others. 

The THG Paris workshops located nnear the  Normandy coast are home to both the expertise  and resource required to manufacture our  products. In recognition of this, THG Paris has  received the prestigious EPV label, awarded to  companies who demonstrate excellence in their  traditional and industrial skills. It is a guarantee  of exceptional French manufacturing. These high  standards are shared by our partners such as:  Lalique, Baccarat, Christofle, and Haviland. 

Offering complete and coordinated solutions,  both in terms of design and finish, THG Paris has  broadened its product offering over the years  to include complementary products such as  kitchen taps, electronic solutions, towel warmers,  or door handles. 


Alexandra CHAMPALIMAUD is the principal and founder of her eponymous New York City-based, full service interiors and planning firm, Champalimaud. Specializing in bespoke hospitality and residential design and guided by her sophisticated vision, Alexandra creates bold, luxury environments that are both contemporary and rooted in the context of nature, history, and the decorative arts.

Born and raised in Portugal, Alexandra received early education in Switzerland and England, followed by her design training at Lisbon’s prestigious Espirito Santa Foundation. Her worldly upbringing and passion for travel is apparent in her aesthetic approach and cultural intelligence.

Alexandra is an elegant style maker and constant collaborator with a never-ending curiosity. She famously celebrates color, embraces a sense of place, and champions artisanal traditions. The result, even in the most modern of projects, is unique, warm, and authentic. With Alexandra’s formal decorative arts education and a confident, global perspective, her work bridges East and West, classic and contemporary, and is in a category -and league -of its own.


“I love the challenge of taking the mundane and making it innately extraordinary. The collection with THG Paris is largely inspired by teapots, especially from the Art deco period. Visually, I started seeing the angles and its spout as faucets and fixtures. On a conceptual level, the beauty of teapots and tea service elevates the simple ritual of drinking tea. That’s what we’re doing here for the bathroom, elevating the experience.”

Alexandra CHAMPALIMAUD is the principal and founder of New York City-based, full service interiors and planning firm, Champalimaud.
The Estrela Collection
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Estrela Collection — THG-7.png
Estrela Collection — THG-4.png
Estrela Collection — THG-8.png
“Our vast range of finishes caters for all bathroom styles.”
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