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Kitchen Larder Design Mistakes & How To Fix Them


Kitchen larders are one of the most bespoke and beautiful storage elements you can fit into your kitchen design. The team at Herringbone loves designing, making and fitting them. 


It is, however, important that the storage inside is right for you, your lifestyle and your needs so William Durrant, owner Herringbone ( gives his tips on kitchen larder design mistakes and how to fix them below. 

  1. Consider the shelving height: there is nothing more annoying than not being able to fit the tall cereal box into your pantry. From the beginning consider what you want to store in your pantry larder and measure up the items to ensure the shelving spacing and height is right. 

  2. Consider the right doors: Larders have many options when it comes to the doors. A great option would be to have bifold doors or pocket doors so when the unit is in use and the family are in and out during the time of use the doors are half the size and can sit nicely over the worktop in front. However, if you’d like your spice racks to hang, go for the typical cabinet option. These can be solid wood or glass depending on the design however, make sure they work with the way in which you use the kitchen on a daily basis. 

  3. Don’t forget a cold shelf: stone worktops wipe incredibly well and keep their beautiful shine much longer than a wooden shelf. Wooden shelves can stain very easily and be harder to wipe down so make sure you incorporate a cold shelf for your appliances and white goods. 

  4. Don’t forget plugs: being able to use appliances and storing them away in your pantry larder is incredibly useful. However, if you forget to incorporate the plugs it is of little use. Make sure the design offers plugs positioning from the beginning so that you can tell your builder and electrician to make them available. 

  5. Drawers are essential: often you need deeper storage than you think for items that don’t need to be readily available but are still close to hand. If you don’t incorporate drawers into your design, you may regret it as you miss out on essential storage. 

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