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Historical Property & Films
Albania, A Civilizations Journey A review of the countries Roman past and later inhabitants in Butrint, Gjirokestra, Bilys, Durres and Tirana the capital of Albania. Winner of the Silver Telly Award in 2004.

Bath, England (2015): A brief video on the main attractions when visiting Bath, England. 

Battersea, Its Past, Its Future (2005): This film examines the redevelopment of the iconic London property Battersea Power Station. Winner The Videography Awards 'Award of Distinction' 2005. 

Battersea: The Station (2012): A review and followup to the 2004 documentary about the iconic London landmark Battersea Power Station made famous in the arts, movies and music most notably on the cover art of Pink Floyd's "Animals". Features comments from Brian Barnes MBE, Keith Garner and Lord Alf Dubs of Battersea.

Battersea Power Station: Update (2013): An update to previous film documentaries about the redevelopment of the iconic Battersea Power Station. A review with interviews by Brian Barnes MBE and Keith Garner of the Battersea Power Station Community Group.

BatterseaHere and Now (2014): An updated analysis and review of the iconic London property Battersea Power Station and its regeneration by commercial developers.

Botswana and Zambia (2016): A brief visual tour featuring wildlife and safari camps operated by Sanctuary Retreats in Botswana and Zambia.

Butrint (2004): A historical review of the ancient Roman site Butrint in southern Albania. Features archaeologists from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom and from Albania. Narration by Oliver Gilkes. Winner The Videography Awards 'Award of Excellence' 2004.


Chelsea Barracks ( 2014): The demolition and regeneration of the former Royal Army Barracks to be a luxury housing development.

Colonial Burma (Myanmar) (2013): A review of Britains impact on the architecture and history of Burma. 

Corrupt Money in London Real Estate (2015): An interview with Nick Maxwell of Transparency International in London, U.K. regarding money laundering investigations in property transactions in local sales.

DAMASCUS (2011): Historical review of the Syrian capital and one of the worlds longest inhabited cities, Damascus.Also featured is the ancient Roman city of Palmyra, the sites at Ma'aloula and Sednaya.

Elephant & Castle ( 2014): A review of the development plans for Elephant & Castle once one of London's top shopping districts.

The In and Out Club (2013): Located in Mayfair, London Cambridge House at 94 Piccadilly at the time of filming was owned by Reuben Brothers to be redeveloped into one of London's most prestigious residential addresses. It was formerly known as The In and Out Club for British Royal Navy and Military Officers.

Liverpool  (2018): A brief review of the economic growth and future plans for Liverpool.

Myanmar Property Review (2013): A brief review of the current economy and real estate situation in the country of Myanmar formerly known as Burma.

Old Sessions House (2018): A former courthouse in Islington, Clerkenwell Green being renovated to become apartments and social club.

Section 8 and Section 106 Housing US and UK (2014): A review of Americas Section 8 and Britains Section 106 low-income housing assistance programs.

The War and East Anglia (2006, Updated 2022): A review of the impact of the American Army Air Forces on the local community at Station 139, Thorpe Abbotts, Norwich in World War II. Winner Videographer Awards 'Award of Distinction' 2006. AVA Gold Award 2007.

Article: By English Living publisher Kevin Murphy about his fathers book used in the series 'Masters Of The Air' on Apple+ : Frank Murphy 'Luck Of The Draw' 

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