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Chimney Sheep runs ‘No Buy Green Friday’ campaign for the second year 
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Due to the negative environmental impact of the Black Friday weekend, Chimney Sheep is re-launching its ‘No Buy Green Friday’ campaign for the second year. Its aim is to encourage customers to ‘consume mindfully, not unnecessarily’. Running from Friday 24th November until Sunday 26th November, the sustainable solutions brand will not be offering discounts. Instead, it will be planting a tree with every order made during the weekend to offset a tiny proportion of the huge amounts of extra CO2 generated from Black Friday sales. This will be in addition to the usual donation from each purchase to its Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees. Chimney Sheep will also be encouraging people to think before they buy over Black Friday, asking its customers not to make purchases for items they don’t really need from itself and other brands. 

Managing Director of Chimney Sheep, Sally Phillips said: 


“After the success of last year, we have re-launched our ‘No Buy Green Friday’ for 2023. At Chimney Sheep, we live and breathe sustainability and are always trying to educate our customers on how they can make easy, cost-effective, greener choices – no matter how small. It would feel hypocritical if we contributed to the mass consumerism encouraged by Black Friday discounts. 


When we launched the campaign last year at the peak of the cost-of-living crisis, we were quite concerned that our customers would be critical of our lack of discounts. However, we had huge amounts of positive customer feedback about the campaign. This year, our main message to consumers is the same; whether shopping with us or not, take a step back before making a discounted Black Friday purchase to think ‘Do I really need this?’. If you do, absolutely take advantage of the discounts but if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. That is true sustainable living after all.   

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Sally Phillips

For customers who do choose to make a purchase with us over the Black Friday weekend we will be doing our bit to try and offset some of the increased CO2 generated by all the Black Friday sales. We are really proud that in addition to the usual 20% profits from every purchase going towards our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees, we are also able to plant an extra tree with every order made with us over the weekend. It is by no means a solution to Black Friday and will only offset a teenie tiny fraction of the CO2 produced during this mass consumer event but it’s a start. Small changes by individuals and brands all add up to make a big change so we hope it will encourage others to think of small ways they can make a difference to the planet too. ” 


Chimney Sheep’s ‘No Buy Green Friday’ campaign will be running from

Friday 24th November until Sunday 26th November at  

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