City Life or the CountryLife ?

A new study by online estate agent Emoov reveals that more than half of workers currently living in cities like London (50.4%) would like to move to a rural location, but will they be able to adjust to a slower pace of life?     

The top rural locations for UK city dwellers are: 


  1. Maidstone - Kent 

  2. St Helens- Merseyside 

  3. High Peak - Derbyshire 

  4. Newark - Nottinghamshire

  5. Sevenoaks - Kent

  6. Hertford - Hertfordshire

  7. Dorking - Surrey

  8. Shoreham-By-Sea - West Sussex

  9. Malvern Hills - Worcestershire

  10. Ryedale - Yorkshire

Naveen Jaspal, COO at Emoov offers her tips for making sure a rural relocation run as smoothly as possible:

Do your research and ask lots of questions


Whilst you might already have an idea of the area you’d like to move to, it’s worth doing your homework to make sure it’s right for you.

You could start online by joining a Facebook group or forum in the area.


See what people already living in the location are saying, as well as signing up for newsletters from community groups in the local area. It’s also worth setting up a Google Alert for the area you’re considering, these will land in your email inbox whenever there is any news published online about the location.


Make a list of pros and cons about different areas on your list and compare the cons to the area you’re currently living in. This can help you make a practical decision, without emotions getting in the way.


Book a staycation in the area


If possible, taking a short break or holiday in your target area will give you a true taste of rural living. Explore the area and try to speak to locals who may have some wisdom to share about the practicalities of living in the area. 

Ensure that you plan your staycation or visit around the latest Government guidelines.   


Have you considered renting before you buy?

If you are struggling to find the perfect rural retreat in your preferred area, it might be worth renting for a while to give you plenty of time to find the right property. This way, you’ll also be in a very strong position to make an offer as you’ll have no chain and can negotiate.

You will have to make some adjustments

If you’re moving from the bright lights of a big city, you’ll be used to the hustle and bustle, but a rural location often comes with a slower pace of life so that is one adjustment you may have to consider. You may also have to rely on your car more frequently as public transport might not be as frequent as you’re used to in the city.


Don’t forget to enjoy the process

If moving to the countryside is something you have always dreamed of then don’t let the tricky aspects ruin the fun for you. A change of pace and a change of scenery is just what you might need.


Naveen’s tips are part of Emoov’s Rural Working Index, please credit the source of the information to the study, which can be found here:

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