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The longevity of any material can be determined by two factors: the quality and how it is treated. In the example of towels, the fabric's quality can affect how it feels on the skin and boast durability through daily usage.

The 5000-year-old Ayurvedic technique used in GIBIE's collection avoids the use of synthetic materials. Synthetic elements aren't good for the environment, but they also aren't as absorbent nor feel as good on your skin as those from crafted fibres.

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To maintain the same feel from the material on the day of purchase, it's important to note the manageable methods used to keep your towels soft, emulating those from a luxury hotel stay.

GIBIE's towels are infused with natural herbs. Combined with harmful washing detergents could not only strip away those benefits but also cause damage to some skin types. Reducing the amount of detergent used will prevent less soap build-up on the towels and pre-empting that stiffness that comes from repeat washes. Additionally, it's recommended not to use citric washing powder or liquids.

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Overloading your washing machine with garments - even if they're the same type of fabrics, for example, solely bath towels, doesn't allow cycles to fully rinse the contents, thus leading to the same soap residues. This gives towels that dreaded hard aesthetic, prompting a new purchase of towels, incorrectly assuming they wore out early when it's likely they weren't treated properly.


It's natural to assume that towels are hardy, given their purpose, but exposure to extreme heats from tumble dryers can make the texture fluffier on the surface but steadily break down the underlying fabrics. One solution, if viable, is to air the towels whenever possible. Other than naturally drying and saving energy, the benefits may include a softer feel and an air freshness that can't be replicated in a machine.

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Treating towels with the same attention you apply to delicate or expensive fabrics will not only maintain the appearance but also the feel and features of the material. It will mean you aren't replacing towels at such a frequent rate. A little care and maintenance can ensure the sustainability of your towels.

GIBIE Ayurvedic Towels-18.jpg

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GIBIE was founded to provide luxury sustainable bath linen, made by using herbal dyes inspired by the 5000-year-old dyeing practice of India. They believe that there are enough natural resources available that can be used to develop fabrics without damaging the environment.

Created by Hitesh Anand who had previous experience working with sustainable textiles, GIBIE’s aim is to change consumer behaviour towards responsible consumption whilst also providing customers with the finest functional home linens in the world. They offer bath, hand and face towels in combo sets with an option to buy bath towels individually. Sustainability is at the heart of GIBIE and is fundamental at every stage of production, from the yarns and dyes used to the choice of packaging. They plan to add more products and variants soon.

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