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Century Office and Furniturise offer a range of electric desks that introduce a modern, multi-purpose tool that could bring new life and health benefits to the office.

Designed for optimal comfort and enhanced flexibility, Century Office and Furniturise’s standing desks allows you to keep active in the office to boost your energy, productivity levels and burn extra calories. Their most popular, the Liberty desk electric height raises and lowers the desk from 715mm – 1190mm.

Desks come with a digital display and controller that’s equipped with an up and down button and four memory set buttons - all programmable to specific heights.

Many people don’t realise that the traditional stationary desks, where workers sit for long periods without any movement, can slow their metabolism, increase their risk of type 2 diabetes by 90% and put a strain on our necks causing muscle degeneration. This leads to herniated discs, posture problems and weakened bones.

This means it’s incredibly important workers maintain some form of movement in an office and incorporating an adjustable sit/stand desk is the perfect workplace solution - offering an easy way to increase your activity levels in the office. Their benefits include:

 Promotes movement
▪ Helps reduce back pain
▪ Boosts productivity
▪ Increases creativity
▪ May lower the risk of heart disease ▪ Improves concentration
▪ Increases blood flow to the brain
▪ Reduces stress levels

Users can then simply adjust the height of their desk, switching between the two positions throughout the day. It is recommended that you should stand at your desk for around 15 minutes per hour, but to see further health benefits 30 minutes per hour is advised instead.


Liberty, along with other sit/stand desks, is available at The Century Office - a family-run business, now in its third generation. Supplying office furniture to SMEs and local authority departments nationwide, they offer a complete service from survey and design through to supply and installation.


Other sit/stand desks can be found at Furniturise - an online store offering the latest office furniture designs focusing on ergonomics and wellbeing in the workplace and the home office. Their mission is to provide a range of high-quality adjustable desks and stylish workstations that are affordable and comfortable.

Both businesses believe in making your office the home of your business by combining ergonomics, value, quality and design.

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