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Modern houses are playing host to bathrooms that are becoming more and more unique – bringing a new character to an aspect of the house that many regularly neglect. Bathrooms are now less confined to clinical white, polished ceramic and a clean contemporary feel. Instead, people are becoming more confident about going busy and bold in bathroom and powder rooms.

Here, Versital share five unique bathroom designs for a bathroom makeover:


1)  Luxurious cleaning – With the bathroom providing a haven we spend almost an hour in a day, it’s understandable that bathrooms deliver a spa-like experience. On top of this strict cleanliness, the integration of nature has found new life, too. All of this, tied with aspects like luxurious showerheads, creates an indulgent atmosphere in your own home.

2) Fluted finishes – Ribbed surfaces have found a new home in contemporary bathrooms, with reeded finishes making some bathrooms a real delight to look at. Detailed edges, as well as details on tops, are also popular – such as the one's Versital offer.

3) Warm earth and terracotta tones – The rise of natural pigments have seen bathrooms become more exciting than their usual, glossy white aesthetic - turning up the heat in your bathroom. Warmer tones like terracotta, rust, caramel and biscuit beautifully contrast with black taps or any other dark definition you can add to the bathroom.

4) Luxe Lighting – Lighting is a massive part of the bathroom atmosphere – and going hard on it has become commonplace. Glamour lighting that leaves no corner of the room unlit is the way to go, adding to the cleanliness.

5) Marble still in the limelight – Marble, no matter what you might hear, is still having its day. A reliable and recurring trend for many different interiors – the crisp, clean and natural look provides a lovely finish to our homes – especially with glossy finishes. Covering the bathroom walls in marble panels will make for a stylish statement.

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