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In a time when the general public is so much more conscious about their personal health and hygiene than they used to be, knowing what’s useful and what’s not is vital to protect ourselves properly. Alcohol, in particular, has become a talking point regarding its place in cleanliness and its uses in anti- bacterial substances. With new substances emerging that don’t contain alcohol, many are wondering if it’s needed for personal healthcare going forward.

Here, MX14 discusses the role of alcohol in anti- bacterial substances:

The effects - Alcohol is a very effective antibacterial chemical, owing to how it efficiently kills germs. However, it is of little to no use as an actual cleaner. The solution is designed to dilute other materials so will strip colours and damage plastic etc.

Practical use - As a hand sanitiser, alcohol is the substance that gives it its efficient and fast- acting nature. Alcohol allows the substance to evaporate and dry quickly on the skin, allowing us to go about our daily lives just a moment after using it evaporates great. While it may have its drawbacks, it’s the practicality that makes alcohol such a dependable component of many anti-bacterial substances.

Finding a new solution – A middle ground in which alcohol is avoided but its effects are maintained is the challenge for cleaners. Products like MX14 only use high purity ingredients that are as effective alcohol but with the addition of being designed to clean without destroying the surface it’s applied too. Unlike the majority of cleaners with antibacterial substances that use chlorine (bleach) or solvent (alcohol), MX14 has the power to clean without destroying the earth.

MX14 offer water-soluble and bio-degradable stain removal and antibacterial surface cleaner. 100% safe to use on clothes, the product can be used for disinfecting surfaces, removing grease, food stains, ink and food colouring.


Designed initially for the aviation industry to clean stains from seat covers, avoiding unnecessary airline waste, MX14 has been developed with all the required regulations in mind to be a suitable alternative to throwing away expensive covers. The water-based remover has been tested to ASTM standards and complies with the REACH standard for MSDS. Put through a rigorous testing process on aircraft type

leathers, it can remove stains and blemishes over a year old. MX14 has a continual improvement program designed to enhance processes, publish information, reduce their environmental impact.

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