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20 Houseplants That Will Transform Your Conservatory into a Tropical Paradise This Summer

The summer is FINALLY here. June has finally kicked off with some sunshine and people across the UK are making the most of it. From gardens to conservatories, Brits are using everything in their arsenal to turn their green spaces  into their own perfect holiday destinations. 

But where should you start? What’s the simplest way to transform your conservatory into a tropical paradise?


The answer’s simple - Houseplants.

From the mighty monstera to the calming cardamom tree, houseplants are a great way to transform your conservatory. As the most plant-friendly room in the home - thanks to its warm and sunny conditions - the conservatory is a great spot for even the most exotic plants and can add new, lush and leafy life to your space. 

We spoke to Nathan Raab, former pilot turned plant specialist and MD of Pointless Plants to find out which plants can transform your conservatory into a vibrant tropical paradise this summer. 

Leafy Plants
Kentia Palm (Howea Forsteriana)

Originally hailing from the topical island of Lord Howe in the South Pacific, Kentia Palms can handle weather and temperature changes pretty well, which makes them a great choice for most conservatories. They love the light but are pretty happy in the shade too, and they’re pretty forgiving if you forget to water them on occasion. Pet friendly and a wonderful air- purifier, this little palm is a great choice for new plant parents.”


Medium - £39.99 Big - £49.99

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Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa) 

“Swiss Cheese Plants are pretty popular - and for good reason. Their holey leaves give them a slightly unusual and dramatic look and a great choice if you want to give your conservatory a slightly jungle vibe. They’re pretty hardy plants, making them perfect for beginners and are fast-growers so with a little care and attention you’ll definitely see some results this summer!”


Baby - £14.99

Small - £17.99

Medium - £24.99

Big - £34.99

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“A close relative of the Swiss Cheese Plant, Monkey Masks have slightly more rounded leaves then their popular counterparts. Originally from the warm climates of Central and South American they love warm and humid climates, making them a great choice for conservatories in the summertime. They're a fast grower and can quickly climb a moss pole or drape over their pot if you let them do their thing."



Small - £32.99

Big - £32.99

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Xamiifolia)  

“Practically unkillable, ZZ Plants are able to survive in virtually any environment, which means they’ll be at home in your conservatory no matter the season. Since they can thrive without the need for humidity, light or warm temps, ZZ’s are a great way to add a touch of green to shady corners, leaving the brighter real estate of your room free for the plants that need it most.”



Small - £12.99

Medium - £19.99

Big - £49.99

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Orange Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae)

“With its huge green leaves, The Orange Bird of Paradise is an absolutely stunning plant to add to your collection. Possibly one of the more delicate plants on this list, it  needs a consistently warm temperature to really thrive, especially if you want to see its dramatic orange beak-like flowers flourish - but it's definitely worth it if you want your conservatory to feel like a true tropical paradise.”



Small -  £19.99

Medium - £44.99

Big - £99.99

White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai)

“Likes its wonderful orange counterpart, The White Bird of Paradise needs warm temperatures to keep it at its best and it flowers in the warmer months which means it’s a great choice for any  summer conservatory. In some cases Birds of Paradise can take a few years to bloom, but in the meantime it's stunning emerald leaves will give your space a wonderfully tropical feel.” 


Small - £19.99

Big - £44.99 

Banana Plant (Musa Tropicana) 

“A perfect houseplant for those warm summer months, Banana plants can pair wonderfully with both Birds of Paradise plants to transform your conservatory into a tropical dream. A great pet friendly choice, they also love lots of sun so they can be placed at any level, but really love a good south facing side or window. They do well in humid environments, so make sure they are regularly watered and misted to keep them at their best.”   



Small - £14.99


Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica)  

“A lovely compact little treat, Money Trees are a wonderful addition if you're looking to add something a little more exotic to your conservatory decor. Usually found in the humid wetlands of South and Central America, they prefer humid air which makes them a perfect choice for summer days, but keep them out of direct sunlight and don’t forget to water them - they need pretty damp soil to really thrive.”


Small -  £19.99

Big - £39.99 (Currently £24.99)

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus Lyrata)  

“Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree’s are a pretty popular houseplant, and for good reason. With it’s wonderfully reaching paddle-shaped leaves, they’re a great choice to add a bit of striking green to any room. While they prefer to live outside, they’ll thrive in conservatories with moderate temperatures and bright indirect sunlight. Unfortunately they’re not pet-friendly, so keep this in mind if you have any in your household.”



Small - £17.99

Medium - £32.99

Big - £49.99


Cardamom Tree (Elettaria Cardamomum) 

While often kept as houseplants in the UK, Cardamom trees are actually herbal in nature. Their wild cousins produce cardamom, a spice that’s usually used in curry dishes. Their bright green leaves are really easy to maintain in the summer and they go dormant during the winter months, making them a great choice for a year round conservatory feature. Practically unkillable, they’re also safe for pets to be around, so they’re a brilliant plant for beginners and pet owners alike.”


Small - £22.99


Ginseng Bonsai Tree (Ficus Ginseng) 

“Small but perfectly formed, Ginseng Bonsai Trees can feel just as easily at home on window sills in your home as they can in your conservatory year round. With their glossy leaves and exposed roots, they can be a wonderful if unusual addition to your plant family. They’re incredibly easy to care for and are a go to for first time bonsai practitioners but be careful - they can be poisonous for pets if eaten, so keep them somewhere safe.”


Small - £17.99


Citrus Trees (Lemon and Orange) 

Light and bright, these are trendy and very adaptive little trees. They love the light and are happy to make their homes in conservatories during the summer. They can also tolerate temperatures as low as 7​°C which means they’ll be able to thrive during the cooler months too. Normal tap water can be a bit hard on  their roots, so I'd recommend filtered or even rainwater to help them stay healthy. Plus, free fruit is a great bonus!”


Small Orange Tree - £34.99

Big Lemon Tree - £55.99


Cacti and Succulents

Black Coral Snake Plant (Sanseveria Zeyclanica)

“Although they’re normally found in the typically tropical climes of South East Asia and some regions of Africa, Black Corals can thrive really well in cold, less humid and even darker conditions, so they’re a perfect year round addition to any space! Easily iD’d by their broad sword-shaped leaves and black striped patterns, these striking succulents are also excellent air-purifiers that remove toxins like formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides from the air.”



Baby - £12.99

Small - £24.99

Medium - £29.99

Big - £59.99 

Euphorbia Ingens 

“In the wilds of Southern Africa, Euphorbia Ingens can grow up to 12 meters tall, but don’t worry - their smaller relatives tend to hit their peak at the 1.5 metres. They absolutely thrive in direct and indirect sunlight and can go for long stints without water, but if you keep them topped up they’ll start to produce some light green flowers.”



Big - £69.99

Coral Snake.png

Euphorbia Eritrea Variegata 

“A little lighter in complexion than its close cousin, Euphorbia Eritrea Variegata are a bit rarer but well worth it if you can find one. While they love lots of sun they’re an unusual kind of cacti because they don’t handle long periods of drought very well, so it’s important to keep them well watered. They’re a great choice if you're longing for the warm arid nights spent travelling".



Big - £54.99


Aloe Vera 

“No list of succulents would be complete without the trusty old Aloe Vera. A lover of sunshine and a hardy little plant, they’ll thrive even if they’re left a little neglected and are an excellent air purifier to boot. Always a great choice to give off a bit of an exotic look, they’re also really easy to propagate for beginners - with a little love and care you’ll soon have your own little aloe family.”  


Small - £14.99 


Hanging Plants 


Golden Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)  

“Also known as Devil’s Ivy or the Rapunzel Plant, Golden Pothos is an incredibly fast-growing foliage that enjoys mid to warm temps and a light misting every now and then to replicate its native climate. They’re a perfect indoor plant because they thrive where there isn’t a lot of sunlight and bounce back well if you forget to water them. Hang them in your conservatory to add a flash of green in a dynamic fashion, and have your sunny spots for the plants that need it most.”    


Small - £13.99

Medium - £19.99

Big - £29.99


Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus Pink Polka)  

“Named for the bright pink blooms that flower in the spring and summer months, Lipstick Plants are also known for vibrant shades of green their round succulent-like leaves can achieve. They prefer warm and humid climates so when it comes to your conservatory, place them in areas that get lots of light and make sure you give them plenty of water and a lot of misting every couple of days."


Small - £27.99


Sweetheart Plant (Philodendron Scandens Brasil)  

“Sweetheart Plants are a great choice if you’re looking for a laid back tropical vibe for your conservatory this summer. They're a fast grower and they’ll reward you with full, long trailing foliage if you put them in a nice hanging pot or basket in a place with some nice indirect sunlight. And as another easy-to-propogate-plant, with a bit of care you’ll be able to cultivate enough sweethearts to transform your conservatory in to to a tropical paradise in no time.”


Small - £14.99

Big - £24.99


English Ivy (Hedera Helix) 

“Normally found creeping their way up, down and around gardens across the UK, English Ivy can be a wonderful way to add a touch of wild green to your conservatory space year round. Usually a fan of medium level indirect light, this wonderful hanging vine will still grow in low light and works as a wonderful air purifier. As a result, it's an all around great hanging plant for any home.”


Medium - £34.99


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