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The Top Window Trends of 2024 Revealed

Each New Year heralds new interior design and architecture trends, and your windows are no different.

From stand-out materials and must-have window styles, 2024 brings with it a new era of window trends that balance aesthetics with functionality.

Sean Mac Anbhaird, Managing Director of Core Sash Windows, shares the top window design trends we'll see dominating homes in 2024.

Top Window Trends1.jpg
Crittall-Style Doors and Windows

Inspired by industrial design, Crittall-style windows and doors have transcended their origins to become a hallmark of modern sophistication.

Characterised by slim, aluminium-framed divisions, they create an open, expansive feel within interiors while maintaining a distinct visual appeal.

Their versatility allows for seamless integration into both residential and commercial spaces, adding a touch of

urban chic.

Top Window Trends2.jpg
Black Window Frames

A striking testament to contemporary design, black window frames will remain just as popular this year. 

Whether opting for aluminium or timber materials, these frames offer more than just aesthetics. Durable and low maintenance, they ensure longevity without compromising on style.

Whether adorning urban lofts or suburban homes, black window frames exude a timeless elegance that

elevates any space.

Top Window Trends3.jpg
Extra Tall and Airy Windows

In the pursuit of maximising natural light and embracing spaciousness, XL windows have emerged as a standout trend for 2024.

In particular, floor to ceiling windows will redefine interior spaces by inviting abundant sunlight and offering unobstructed views of the outdoors.

Beyond their aesthetic charm, they contribute to a sense of openness and well-being within living spaces, forging a connection between the inside and outside world.

Top Window Trends4.jpg
Brass Accents and

It's out with the chrome and in with brass for 2024, particularly when it comes to window hardware.

The warmth and opulence of brass adds a touch of luxury to window features, creating a lavish yet tasteful ambiance.

Whether incorporated into handles, hinges or framing details, these accents exude sophistication and glamour.

Top Window Trends5.jpg
Unique Window Details

The New Year will celebrate the revival of artisanal craftsmanship and bespoke design in window detailing.

Unique styles and custom geometries will become more commonplace among window design, showcasing individuality and personal expression.

The trend will be particularly important for period properties and character homes looking to balance vintage aesthetics with modern efficiency. 

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