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These curtains could save up to 30% on heating bills


Keeping curtains closed for 18 hours a day could cut bills by up to 30%

ONE easy curtain hack to save on energy bills

Temperatures are dropping below 0 Celcius in some parts of the UK, and the winter season sees an inevitable spike in heating bill costs.

If you’re on the lookout for some easy hacks to keep your rooms cosy and retain your heat throughout the day and night, Helen O’Connor, Product Manager at 247 Blinds & 247 Curtains has shared some insights into how your curtains play a major role.

“Eliminating all draughts is a key way to reduce the need for central heating. Getting the right window dressing can help reduce your energy usage as heat loss through windows accounts for roughly 2530% of the energy used in our homes”

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Close your curtains and blinds before it gets dark

Helen recommends: “In winter months we have around 68 hours of daylight, on average, which means for the other 18 hours of the day we should consider keeping our curtains and blinds shut. If you’re not going to be home in the day, consider keeping your curtains closed as this will help retain the heat throughout the day for when you come home”.

“Better yet, thermal blinds and curtains are a great way to double up on a thick lining which will retain more heat than thinner materials. Roman blinds are the perfect material to keep out the cold breeze, and we recommend layering up your window dressing, by adding a pair of thermal-lined curtains.”

Your curtains should touch the floor

“Curtains that touch the floor are much more likely to trap heat and stop it from escaping through the windows in the day. You also want them to be tightly fitted against the wall or the window frame to leave less room for a gap where the airflow can move around.

“They should also be wider than the window frame, as this will close those all-important airflow gaps, this is why made-to-measure curtains are a great choice.” says Helen

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