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London-based luxury lighting specialists, Nulty Bespoke, are masterminds in the creation of beautiful, handcrafted, and tailor-made luminaires for architects, interior designers, and high net worth clientele around the world. In responding to their individual needs and envisioning their most specific wishes, the studio is uniquely positioned to provide an insight into the sector’s latest trends.


Under Founder Paul Nulty’s watchful eye, Design Manager Michael Sillitoe crafts the most unique lighting pieces, befitting the most beautiful spaces. Having formerly produced luminaires and installations globally for Swarovski, David Gill Galleries and Isometrix, Michael loves to explore the challenges that come with working with light, especially where form, materiality, and finishes are concerned.


As an industry innovator, Michael Sillitoe reflects below on the company’s latest commissions and identifies several patterns emerging in the world of interiors.



“Integral to any interiors and lighting brief today is an assessment of how playful organic design can be seamlessly integrated into the home. 

L-R: Organic shapes of the Perla wall sconce in peach and the On the Wing installation

The prevalence of organic forms isn’t new in the world of decorative lighting – flowing lines and shapes are timeless and lend themselves perfectly to beautifully realised schemes where chandeliers and pendants are used to create a focal point. 


But for 2024, the trend will truly deepen due to a growing appreciation for biophilic design and a desire to connect with the integrity of nature. There is strong evidence that the stronger our connection with nature, the happier we are. Yet our 'natural' habitat is increasingly an urban one. This is where biophilic design comes in, as it strives to counteract the effects of modern urban life by bringing nature into a space. Creatives are having fun with this trend in lighting, reinventing familiar elements from nature to produce something unique.

In a design sense, the aesthetic is multifaceted - sinuous shapes, elaborate finishes, vibrant colours, and soft use of light are balanced to create a visually interesting centrepiece. The key to this sensibility is beautiful imperfections. Nature isn’t flawless; it’s a living and breathing entity so design must reflect this. Movement, intricacy, and nuance give each lighting piece character and personality. 


Our Perla was inspired by the pearl, and the glass installation On The Wind is a joyful celebration of birds in flight.”



“'Quiet luxury is the latest trend to make its way into interiors. With the world increasingly feeling like a challenging place, we’re drawn to moments of calm. And in our efforts to seek out tranquillity, we try to surround ourselves with beautifully made pieces that evoke a sense of equilibrium and simplicity. 


Characterised by carefully curated yet understated aesthetics, with just a hint of grandeur, the trend is all about considered composure. What these lighting pieces lack in drama, they make up for in detail. Clean lines and materials are the starting principle but gain an extra facet of lavishness through thoughtful creative touches. The most refined interiors are often the most stylistically balanced. 

L-R: Planetary Pendant; Glass Globes Pendant

The key to this trend is the beautiful fusion of simplicity and intricacy. This can be seen through the glass tiers of our Planetary design, which feature a cloudy white finish, and the smoky detail inside our Glass Globe Pendant.”  



“A recurring theme throughout our client projects is curated illumination. Decorative lighting is moving beyond the realm of simple illumination and becoming a method of artistic expression – a way to animate or embellish a scheme.  Lighting is being used as a work of art through oversized sculptural installations that bring a sense of movement to a space or create an optical illusion.


From avant-garde designs to cascading geometric clusters, these installations easily add a touch of glamour, drama, or intrigue to interiors. 


The key to this trend is creative thinking - lighting pieces don’t just blend in with their surroundings, they add something unexpected and imaginative. This can be seen through our Droplet Inspired Chandelier at the Southbank Spa and our Jeu de Luminaire installation, which was created for a private residence.

L-R: Jeu de Luminaire; Droplet Inspired Chandelier at the Southbank Spa
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