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7 interior styles that will dominate in 2024

Interior trends in 2024 will be all about how we can use familiar textures and colours in new ways as we embrace previous trends set to make a resurgence. With this in mind, Amy Wilson, in-house interior designer at 247 Blinds & 247 Curtains shares her predictions on the trends that will be returning and dominating the scene in 2024, along with how best we can style them in our homes.

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1. Minimaluxe

With Google searches up for ‘minimaluxe’ 1,300%1 in the past 12 months and Dulux announcing their colour of 2024 as neutral pink Sweet Embrace, we can expect to see a return of pastels and soft pinks to freshen up the trend in the coming months.

Amy says: “The minimaluxe trend aims to create an elevated and calm space in your home. Introducing pale shades and pastels such as Dulux’s Sweet Embrace makes a great new take on base neutrals and can be incorporated into a range of existing interiors. These minimal, neutral tones are ideal for optimising the shades around them, whilst the new colour tones add in interest to create a welcoming feel, especially in a minimalist modern space.”

2. Comfortcore

Google searches for ‘comfortcore’ are up 100% in the past 12 months and it’s certainly one to keep an eye on as we head into the winter months at the start of the new year.

Amy comments: “Comfortcore is all about creating a cosy safe space that utilises warm ambient lighting and luxurious textures. Boucle has been extremely popular in 2023 and is ideal for creating a comfortable environment, along with utilising other soft furnishings such as comfy throws and oversized cushions. When it comes to creating an ambiently lit environment, crucial to comfortcore, you can utilise natural lighting and keep warmth in with Roman or roller blinds, as well as using artificial lighting such as lamps.”

3. Hollywood interiors

2023 has been a big year for movies and the glamour of Hollywood is likely to be influencing our homes next year too, with Google searches for ‘hollywood interiors’ up 100% in the past year.

Amy says: “A touch of pure luxe will inspire our interiors in 2024. Working a hint of Hollywood into your home can be done with a touch of art deco. 100 years on from the beginning of the Art Deco movement, scalloped shapes and bold geometric forms are becoming staples of the maximalist interior style favoured by luxury hotels and restaurants, integral to hollywood interiors.”

4. Scalloped shapes

With Google searches for scalloped home decor up 250% in the past 12 months, the stylish shape is something to consider in your living space.

Amy advises: “Scalloped details are a great way to weave some different design styles into the home. Scalloped headboards and lamps have been popular in previous years and are going nowhere fast. If you’re looking to create a statement with scalloped edges, why not incorporate some contemporary curtain trims into your living room - these will add a luxurious finish and added interest to any interior space.”

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5. 80s interiors

In the past year Google searches for 80s interiors are up 120%, and with this trend consistently making a comeback, now is the time to incorporate it in your home if you haven’t already.

Amy says: “Curved edges and earth toned palettes, synonymous with the 80s, can be brought back into design palettes in sophisticated ways. Honeyed shades of paint, wallpaper, or blinds can be incorporated into a room to get a cosy feel and stay in keeping with this interior trend set to re-emerge in 2024.”

6. Dopamine decor

Dopamine decor has had a huge Google search increase of 2,186% over the past year - set to continue into the darker months of 2024 with a subtler take.

Amy says: “Dopamine decor will help you bring a mood-boosting aesthetic to your home. It should be colourful, fun and full of personality, however this doesn’t mean your approach can’t be gentle too.

“Contrasting colours are ideal for creating a colourful boost, but you can use these in softer tones if you are worried about overpowering your space.”

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7. Rustic farmhouse

With searches up 100% for ‘rustic farmhouse interior design’ in the past 12 months - 2024 is the year to embrace this style. The sneak peek into the Beckham’s farmhouse style home in their recent documentary has seen a spike in popularity of this style.

Amy says: “Dreaming of escaping to a countryside haven seems to be continually popular in the world of interiors. Shabby chic, wooden furnishings and antique decor should be front of mind if you’re wanting to create this feel and should make your home feel welcoming and tranquil.”

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