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4 lighting trends set to be huge in 2024, according to experts

Julia Barnes, head buyer at ValueLights has shared four trend predictions set to take the interior world

by storm in 2024.

ValueLights - 2024 Interior Trends 1.png

1. Nostalgic shapes

Julia says “We’re increasingly seeing home design which seeks novelty and playfulness; self-medicating happiness through rich colour and bold patterns, guilt-free expression and disco therapy, as has been seen with the popularity of dopamine dressing.”

“In 2024, we expect to see a nostalgic yet forward-looking mood, as design influences from the 1960s, 70s and 80s are cherry-picked and reimagined with a youthful slant.

“For lighting, fluid shapes and a colourful, energy-boosting glow echo this disco mood. Tinted glass and resin in strong colours will dominate; peach ambers and yellows, in particular, will be drawn upon for the warm rosy glow they diffuse.”

Image Credit: ValueLights

“Tactile and embellished ceiling lighting will be popular as retro shapes and playful forms are used to tap into this joyful novelty in our homes. We’ve loved the mushroom trend this year and expect curved shapes to continue to grow in popularity.”


2. Lighting for wellness

Julia says: “This spiritual and ethereal trend explores householders seeking a sense of awe, moments of self-contemplation and soul-nourishing spaces. The projection and diffusion of light plays an important role in the creation of spaces that feel transcendent.

“This trend will see an increased focus on modern spirituality and a ritualistic approach to everyday objects and activities; such as the lighting of table lamps. The transition from day to evening lighting provides an opportunity for a clean slate and a point of reflection.


“Here, lighting seeks to be translucent, liquid and glowing, creating intriguing interplay between light and space. Material like glass and resin will dominate, promoting the diffusion of light, while sculptural and fluid lighting forms add to this ethereal quality.”

Image Credit: ValueLights

3. Multifunctional pieces

Julia says: “As new living ‘norms’ such as house sharing, multigenerational living and blended and unblended families shift household dynamics, we expect to see a focus on design that is inclusive, robust, multifunctional and ultra-practical.

“For lighting, industrial material offers an update to clean and minimal designs, as the act of building things becomes a central theme. The focus on practicality continues, as lighting becomes multifunctional and adaptable, such as floor lamps which double up as shelving units”

Image Credit: ValueLights

4. Organic materials

Julia says: “This trend taps into a deep desire for settling and staying, from a cohort of digital nomads, seeking rural retreats where one can feel deeply rooted in the landscape. Rough organic surfaces meet ornate craftsmanship in this high tactical celebration of material.”

“Lighting is soft, quiet and integrated with textile, ceramic or wooden interfaces. Styles are ornate and decorative, as craftsmanship and makers are celebrated and valued. There is also a dark moodiness explored in this nature-filled trend, which sees lighting as a vital tool for creating a dimly lit atmosphere - uplights and lower-lumen light bulbs are key in this trend.”

Image Credit: ValueLights
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