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These Are the Top Garden Lighting Trends for 2024

By Brian Davenport, Co-Founder of The Solar Centre

We saw a variety of lighting trends in 2023, including the use of sustainable materials, feature lighting, industrial aesthetics, and more.


As we approach the end of the year, we look forward to the new trends set to inspire garden enthusiasts in 2024.

Here are the top garden lighting trends you can expect to see next year…


Smart Lighting


Technology has been a huge focus in 2023, and advancements have impacted outdoor lighting, with integrated smart technology a growing trend.

Smart lighting can be controlled remotely via smartphones or voice commands and settings can be changed according to personal preferences, such as timers, lighting colour and modes.

Balancing functionality with aesthetics, the trend will only grow next year, and smart lights will continue to light up home exteriors and outdoor spaces.

They can be used as a security solution around pathways and driveways or highlight specific home and garden features.

Plus, they’re a great cost-effective lighting source, as they can be switched off at the tap of a button or in a short voice command.


Blending Outdoor and Indoor Living

Outdoor living spaces have become an extension of our homes, with plenty of furniture, lighting, and décor now featuring in gardens.

This trend sees a unique style blend featuring outdoor-inspired materials, such as bamboo, wood, rope, and metals, with indoor features like lighting pendants and chandeliers that look beautiful and functional.

Finding harmony between both aesthetics can create a cohesive and integrated environment that eliminates the boundary between your home and garden.


Mounted wall lights and suspended pendant lights can recreate the feel of an indoor space, establishing continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, but made from outdoor materials will create a balance.


Energy-efficient Lighting


High electricity costs and concerns about environmental impact have resulted in increased interest in energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions.

Many homeowners have turned to lighting that minimises energy consumption this year, but this trend will continue into 2024 as we look to reduce costs without compromising aesthetics.

Solar lighting is perfect for cutting outdoor electricity usage, as lights can charge during the day with sunlight and turn on automatically in the evening to illuminate your outdoor spaces.

Security lights are great for providing illumination when needed, but otherwise remain off and save energy, while more decorative lights can add a fun and cheerful feel to your garden in the evenings.


Jazz Revival Aesthetic

According to Pinterest, vintage jazz vibes are back, which will see the returning trend of inspiring outfits, music and lighting.

Influenced by the timelessness of dimly lit jazz clubs and nostalgia for the Jazz Age, expect warm, dim, and ambient lighting with classic and elegant fixtures in 2024.

Filament bulbs are perfect for this atmosphere in your garden, as they create a soft glow in outdoor seating and eating areas.


Alternatively, festoon string lights look perfect strung along outdoor structures for gentle lighting that will help to make your space warm and cosy.


Statement Lighting Finishes

This trend is all about eye-catching lighting fixtures that combine functionality with aesthetics for a statement in your outdoor living spaces.

Bold fixture designs made from statement materials and colours like brushed brass, matte black, weathered copper and chrome will be everywhere in 2024, adding sophistication and character to your outdoor spaces. 

In gardens, outdoor chandeliers can be suspended from structures like pergolas and gazebos for decorative overhead lighting, or large lanterns can be placed on tables or in seating areas for soft, low-level ambience. 

These pieces can act as focal points in garden spaces to express personality and style.

Brian Davenport
Co-Founder of The Solar Centre
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