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Window expert warns against following popular DIY drafty window hack this winter

Comments by Sean Mac Anbhaird, Managing Director of Core Sash Windows

Sean Mac Anbhaird, Managing Director of Core Sash Windows, warning people against a recent TikTok trend of ‘shrink wrapping’ plastic to drafty windows to prevent heat loss.

Core Sash Windows

"During the cold winter season, drafty windows can be a big cause for concern, from running up your heating bill to potentially putting your health at risk.

“However, some TikTokers recommend using plastic coverings as a makeshift way to winterise your home and stop cold air leaking through drafty windows.

“While the hack might be good to use in a pinch, such as while you’re waiting for a window professional to replace or fix your windows, it certainly shouldn’t be used during the entire winter period. 


“Plastic coverings over leaky windows can exacerbate condensation problems. When plastic is tightly sealed over windows, it can trap moisture between the plastic and the window which will increase condensation. This plastic seal will also inevitably create a warmth bubble, creating the perfect breeding ground for dangerous black mould.

“Having adequate ventilation throughout your home is essential for preventing mould problems, but blocking your windows prevents this. In doing so, you run the risk of damaging your window frames and walls due to mould growth, as well as risking your health. 

“Additionally, most TikTokers recommend heating the plastic wrapping with a hot hair drier so it adheres to your window frames to create the seal. However, this will likely damage your window frames when it comes to removing the plastic wrap. Adhesives could cause paintwork to flake, while heating the plastic too much could cause it to melt onto your frame, making it difficult to remove any residue.

"If you have drafty windows this winter, it’s important you get this fixed quickly rather than slapping a plastic band-aid on the problem, particularly if they are contributing to condensation problems in your home.”

Sean Mac Anbhaird, Managing Director
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