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With Christmas just around the corner, the cleaning and preparation is already underway for many as family and friends are welcomed into our homes to celebrate together. 

Whether you’re inviting around the in-laws, new partners, parents, or extended family, now is the time to impress with a clean living space, particularly a clean bathroom. 


Nancy Emery at Drench shares her Christmas cleaning check-list to get your house ready for guests over

the festive period. 

“It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of decorating for Christmas, but once the decorations are up they can make it a bit impractical to clean around the house. The weeks before Christmas are the perfect opportunity to have a deep clean of your home, focusing on those tasks you’re unlikely to touch for a few weeks such as the bathroom mirror, shower head and general decluttering. 

4 tips to prepare your bathroom for guests 

  1. Deep clean the extractor fan 

The bathroom extractor fan is never high on anyone’s cleaning ritual, however the holidays are a perfect time to ensure it’s working efficiently before the heavy traffic of guests. Not only will a well-functioning bathroom extractor fan help to prevent mould with those extra showers, but it can also aid in disguising bad odours.

To clean the extractor fan, begin by turning off the power and removing the fan cover to soak in soapy water. Now using a duster, clean behind the back of the fan blades before scrubbing the inside with more soapy water. Wait for everything to dry before replacing the cover. 

  2. Descale your shower head

If you or your family members suffer from dry skin, itchy scalp or damaged hair then the limescale and hard water on your shower head could in fact trigger their skin conditions over the festive period. To avoid this, you can deep clean your shower head with some everyday items.

Take an old toothbrush and scrub any non-stubborn dirt or limescale from the shower head. Next, submerge the shower head in a plastic/sandwich bag filled with white vinegar, securing it tightly with the elastic band or string. Allow the shower head to rest for a minimum of an hour before removing the bag and rinsing well with hot water. Lastly, grab the toothbrush again to scrub off any excess dirt or limescale.

  3. Get your towels fluffy again 

Bathroom towels can lose their softness over time due to a build-up of soap and detergent, but it's not always feasible to replace them. Treat your guests to fluffy towels this Christmas without breaking the bank by introducing these six simple steps to your washing routine.


  • Wash your towels at 30-40 degrees to help preserve their fibres 

  • Allow enough room in the washing machine for a proper rinse cycle

  • Swap fabric conditioner for white vinegar every few weeks

  • And include a cup of baking soda in every load

  • Skip the heat of the tumble dryer

  • Store towels on heated towel rails as opposed to stacking them

  4. Keep it clutter-free

It’s always a good idea to declutter your bathroom ahead of expectant guests who plan to stay over. Clearing space on the countertops not only creates a more comforting environment but also allows your guests room to place their essentials like toothbrushes and creams. 

However, make sure to leave out shared essentials such as shampoo and conditioner to save your guests from rummaging through your cupboards or opening the bathroom mirror. We recommend leaving new and full bottles, especially for longer stays, to avoid guests worrying about finishing a product. Other products to consider include air freshener, cotton buds and keeping an eye that the toilet roll holder is never empty.

Nancy Emery
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