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Spring 2024

Laurence King Publishing's Spring 2024 Catalogue


It is that time of year again and we are excited to share our digital Spring 2024 Catalogue from Laurence King, a London-based publisher of gifts and visual arts.


Here are some of the titles we’re most excited about:

The Art of Suffering (June, £45) 

is the human story of road racing: about what it takes to go deep and be the best. Through 250 brutal images, it details the awe-inspiring feats of endurance that make road cycling one of the most challenging, legendary and inspirational sports in the world.


Next up, Countless Sleepless Nights (March, £16.99) 

is a collection of coming-out stories from around the world. From the good, the sad, the surprising and the funny, no two stories are the same. Yet all are written by people who share the courage to be vulnerable, take huge risks to find love and acceptance and are brave enough to be their authentic selves.


Can you manifest your dream life through collage? 

Make a Vision Board (April, £16.99) 

is everything you need to create a vision board, featuring step-by-step instructions and 100s images to cut out and collage. CanDace Johnson (@chakrafndr on TikTok) talks you through goal-setting, the rituals and provides all the images you need to make it.


Moving on from books, to gifts. The next up in our bestselling

World of. . .’ series is The World of King Arthur (March, £16.99).

Uncover the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table in intricate detail in this new jigsaw puzzle, illustrated by Adam Simpson.


Create unique daily readings to interpret each day with 

Your Cosmic Year (April, £14.99), a deck of cards that uses astrology, numerology and colour theory to help you harness the power of each day. Connect with ancient cycles of the universe and understand which days will be better for first dates or job interviews.


And lastly, enhance your everyday wellbeing with 

Breathwork: Guided by Biet (May, £14.99). A deck of cards that help you to breathe your way through everyday problems with 30 simple breathwork practices expertly guided by Biet Simkin.


Check out the full Spring Catalogue here. 


Also, if you are looking for any last minute holiday gifts, check out this year's guide here.

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