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How Plug-In Timers Can Save You Money in Homes

Plug-in timers are not just a convenient home gadget; they are a key player in the pursuit of energy efficiency in UK homes. Home expert Stephen Bell from Paving Shopper, goes a step further to quantify how much you can potentially save in pounds (£) by using plug-in timers to control your electrical appliances.

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Understanding the Potential Savings


1. Heating and Cooling Systems: Heating can account for about 50% of your energy bill. By using timers to turn off heating for an average of 8 hours a day (while you're at work or asleep), you could save up to 10-15% on your heating bill. For an average UK household spending £1,600 annually on energy, this could mean savings of £180 to £220 per year.


2. Device Charging: Overcharging common devices doesn’t just waste energy; it costs money. By using a timer to charge a device for only a few hours rather than overnight, you can save about 5-10% of the device's energy consumption. For small electronics, this might only amount to a few pounds a year, but every little bit helps.


3. Reducing Standby Power: The average UK household spends £40-£60 annually on standby power. Using timers to shut off TVs, game consoles, and other electronics can cut this cost significantly, potentially saving you up to £20-£30 each year.

4. Other Appliances: For appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and electric kettles, using a timer to operate them during off-peak hours can lead to more savings. With off-peak tariffs being cheaper, this can lead to an additional 5-10% savings on the running cost of these appliances.

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Total Savings


Combining all these factors, a typical UK household could see annual savings ranging from £150 to £450 or more, depending on their specific energy usage patterns and the types of appliances they use, with a device that costs less than £5. 


Steven Bell, expert from Paving Shopper says: 


In essence, the humble plug-in timer is a powerful tool in the arsenal of energy-saving strategies for UK homes. While the individual savings per device may seem small, when combined across multiple appliances and over the course of a year, the financial impact is significant. Beyond the monetary benefits, using plug-in timers aligns with the broader goals of energy conservation and environmental stewardship, making them an essential component of a modern,

eco-conscious home.

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