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12 Most Popular Wallpaper Trends, According to Instagram

  • 3D wallpaper revealed as the most popular wallpaper on Instagram with 116,417 hashtags

  • Floral wallpaper, one of 2021’s fastest growing trends is 2nd with 52,544 hashtags 

  • Geometric wallpaper comes is in 3rd with 22,344

Research conducted by wallpaper design brand I Want Wallpaper has found the most popular wallpaper trends in 2021, according to Instagram.

Instagram is exceptionally popular within the world of interior design. Used by professionals and enthusiasts alike, the app is populated with incredible design examples as users share their stunningly unique spaces and where they find their inspiration.

We spoke to Alex Whitecroft, Head of Design at I Want Wallpaper to weigh in on the results and comment on how Instagram is a key driver for interior design inspiration for millions across the world.  

“As one of the biggest visually-driven social platforms, it's no surprise that interior designers and DIY’ers alike love Instagram. From creatives and artists to designers and fans, anyone who is looking for something to spark their will be able to find something that speaks to them - It’s inspiration quite literally in the palm of our hands.

But it goes even further than that. Collaboration encourages innovation, and through Instagram, people from all walks of life can share ideas that help the interior design industry evolve in new and exciting ways. As a result, hashtags aren't just a good way to see great examples of design - they’re a great way to see how the trends are evolving in real time. In the last year alone, wallpaper design has come on in leaps and bounds, and I can’t wait to see what happens with these trends in the future!”  

  1. 3D Wallpaper - 116,417

3D wallpaper took the top spot as the most ‘Instagrammed’ wallpaper by quite a lead - and it’s not hard to see why. From wood panelling to textured effects and stunning optical illusions, 3D wallpaper is truly multifaceted and has the power to completely change the dynamic of a room. Excellent at drawing the eye, they a great choice for a statment wall for a living room or dining space."

2. Floral Wallpaper - 52,544

As one of the fastest growing trends of the last year, thanks to the boom in grand-millenial interiors, floral wallpaper has experienced a huge boost this summer and it's showing no signs of slowing down. Although colour palettes can vary, pink roses are an especially popular choice, especially on either off-white or vivid green backdrops.”


3. Geometric Wallpaper - 22,344

“It’s no surprise that geometric wallpaper is on this list. With clearly defined lines and symmetry, geometric wallpaper can create a satisfying sense of balance. Colour pairings and shimmer effects can really set the scene; rose gold in a metallic shimmer on a dark background can add some sophistication, while a silver pattern on a light backdrop can make a room feel light and airy.”


4. Mural Wallpaper - 19,820

“Wall murals are a great way to add a sense of size and scale to a room in a way that really makes a statement; and there are so many options to choose from. Tropical and nature-inspired murals can add a burst of green to your space, while geometric designs pair colours and patterns in a way that feels striking. Alternatively, scenic murals can bring outdoor beauty indoors, transporting you everywhere from luscious forests to white sandy beaches.”

5. Brick Wallpaper - 13,960 

“Although it can fall into the 3D category, brick wallpapers have evolved into a wallpaper category in their own right in recent years. From halcyon farmhouse vibes to that sophisticated industrial loft look, brick wallpaper can come in a variety of design and colour combinations, so there’s always something out there to help you get the vibe you're after.”


6. Retro Wallpaper - 12,023

“Retro wallpaper can refer to a whole host of different designs; indeed, anything from the recent past could be considered retro. But in this context, retro is overwhelmingly used to refer to mid-century designs that were popular around the 1970s. Characterised by bold graphics and repeating patterns, it’s also known for its bright colours and unusual pairings; think oranges and browns or blues and yellows in slightly psychedelic combinations.” 


7. Damask - 7,719 

“This list wouldn’t be complete without damask wallpaper. After the success of popular period dramas like the Crown and Bridgerton, demand has boomed for this classic look within the last year. From silver shimmers and pastoral tones to deep navy and gold combinations, damask patterns can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to a space, making it a perfect choice for living and dining rooms.”


8. Metallic - 6,141

“While metallic tones are a great motif to use when it comes to wallpaper, metallic wallpaper can make a powerful statement in its own right. It’s unique properties pair well with spaces that use natural and ambient light as part of its core aesthetic. 

Deep metallic tones can add a sense of warmth and sophistication while lighter tones are great for catching the summer sunlight, which can make any space feel light and airy. Add it to a statement wall to completely change the dynamic of a room.”


9. Jungle - 5,955

10. Botanical - 5,946

“‘Botanical wallpaper’ might sound like a niche, but it’s anything but. Defined by its use of wonderfully striking leaves and vibrant shades of green, there are so many themes and styles to choose from, so it’s important to really consider what elements you want to incorporate. For example, deep greens on a dark background can add a touch of the exotic, while rich greens on a white backdrop can help make a room feel open, airy, and full of life. 


11. Abstract - 4,802

“Want to create a truly unique and alluring aesthetic? Then abstract wallpaper could be a great choice for your space. Defined by captivating shapes, colors, and designs, abstract wallpaper can add a dynamic and artistic flair to any space and transform your walls into a superb piece of art. Use it for a statement wall to draw the eye or use throughout your room to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Art Deco.png

12. Art Deco - 1,608

“One of the most exciting and influential design styles of the 20th Century, these results show that it rightfully remains a key design influence today. With its use of clearly refined symmetrical patterns and use of decadent gold and silver tones, art deco really does make a statement. Perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, art deco is the way to go if a suave and sophistication is your vision.”

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