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Solar expert warns of 3 things limiting panel performance

With searches for ‘solar panels’ increasing by 39%¹ since the start of the year, it is clear that they are becoming a more popular household addition. 

Solar installation experts at BOXT have offered advice to ensure that your solar panels are working to their full potential. 


Ensure they are in direct sunlight

If your solar panels are shaded or concealed by trees, buildings, or debris, they may not receive enough sunlight to perform correctly.

When installing solar panels, it’s best to have them in a suitable location to avoid this issue. Of course, debris and rubbish can collect on the panels over time. Still, regular maintenance will keep this at bay and see your solar panels perform at their optimum efficiency.

Clean your solar panels regularly

When you invest in solar panels, you can expect to see an ROI (Return on Investment) within 10 - 15 years, and whilst, like all technology, they will deplete in performance over time, solar panels will continue to operate at a high level. Significant yearly performance dips are not common; if this happens with your installation, then a likely cause is dirt and debris accumulating on the panels. 


Over time, as dust and debris builds up, it can block out sunshine, negatively impacting the solar electricity output. As mentioned earlier, you can keep on top of this solar panel fault by regularly cleaning your panels using purified water.  

Only have solar panels installed by a qualified engineer 

If your solar panel system is not properly installed, it may cause problems in the future. For example, the system may not be operating correctly, meaning it won’t produce as much energy as it should. Also, it may be more susceptible to power fluctuations, such as during a power outage, which can degrade its efficiency and diminish its lifespan over time.

Keep in mind that poorly installed or maintained solar panel systems are also likely to put yourself and others at risk; that’s why it's essential to always use a qualified installer when investing in solar energy systems. 

Andy Kerr, CEO and founder of BOXT comments “If you suspect your solar panels aren’t working to their optimum or usual efficiency, you’ll want to get to the root of the problem. We suggest resetting the entire system first and, if this doesn’t work, inspect them visually to see if you notice anything (provided they are in a safe, accessible space). After an initial inspection, you can decide the best course of action.”

“If you are unsure, check the inverter or your solar app for any error messages, whether the isolators are on and if the circuit breakers have not tripped off. If you’re still unsure, contact a professional to help resolve the issue.”


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