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Getting rid of fruit fly breeding grounds 

Andrea Philips, from Airtasker's Lifestyle Editorial Team 


Prevention is always the first step as it gives you the option of avoiding the problem altogether. If you are doing your bit by having an outdoor compost bin, make sure you avoid also having an indoor spot for collecting food scraps. It takes a touch more effort to take everything outside straight away, but indoor compost is like Disneyland for fruit flies. 


If you enjoy the convenience of indoor compost too much to get rid of it, ensure you empty it every day. Another thing to keep in mind is how clean and dry your compost bin is. Fruit flies love moisture and food gets mushier if there is moisture present in the bin. 

Keeping your kitchen clean 

This is essential in the home where you might serve food, but keeping the areas clean is important. Tiny scraps of food can create a fruit fly problem. Performing a regular deep house clean of your home, especially the food areas, means fewer desirable places for fruit flies.  


Be thorough and clear off the counters, giving everything a good wipe down, and making sure you do not forget about the floor and baseboards. The fruit bowl is another place that requires a good audit. If you have items in there that are overripe, it is time for them to move on. 


How to get rid of fruit flies with white vinegar 

Preventative methods aside, if you are well past that and deep into an actual fruit fly problem, an effective way to get rid of fruit flies with white vinegar.  


The goal is to make a trap for the flies. Just pour a very small amount of white vinegar into a tall glass jar with a couple of drops of washing up liquid in the mix as well. Cover the top with cling film that has holes poked in it and secure it with a rubber band. 


Fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar so they will crawl through the holes in the cling film but will have a tough time getting back out. This allows you plenty of time to release the little guys back into the wild. 


The primary benefit of this method is you can avoid any harmful chemicals and you likely already have everything you need in the house! Just make sure you change the mixture regularly to prevent creating an unpleasant situation. 


Keeping your home clean and insect free 

Fruit flies can be an issue, as can a range of other little pests depending on your location, and cleaning is always a necessity and your best chance of avoiding an issue. 


If your pest situation is a little more complicated, there are plenty of taskers on Airtasker who can provide pest control services, or you can also find a range of people to give your home a good deep clean to ensure things are safe and healthy. 

Andrea Philips, Lifestyle Editorial Team
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