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Fulham landmark reopens, continuing its legacy of care 

Ruth Goodman reveals the hidden history of Hurlingham landmark 

Discover Personalised Holistic Care at KYN Hurlingham, London _ KYN-1.png

Social historian and broadcaster, Ruth Goodman, has partnered with care home KYN, to reveal the remarkable history of a Grade II listed Fulham landmark, which stands today – restored – as KYN Hurlingham. Research into the building and its occupants has uncovered the forgotten stories of a building that has been used to serve the community in different guises since being built as a

'Ragged School' in 1855.  


Soon to enter its latest incarnation as KYN Hurlingham, after the new home opens its doors, the previously derelict building has been transformed into an innovative home, once again returning to its purpose of care. Restored to preserve its historical essence while integrating modern comforts and creating a space that honours its past and looks forward to the future, KYN Hurlingham will continue the tradition by enriching the lives of the home’s future residents, with unparalleled care. 


The building has been steeped in the ambition to improve the lives of those who occupy it from its construction in the 1850s. Records show that on the grounds of the picturesque Broom House Estate in 1854-55, Laurence Sulivan, son of Anglo-Irish politician Laurence Sulivan MP, commissioned the building of what was then called The Elizabethan School, in memory of his wife Elizabeth, sister of Prime Minister Lord Palmerston, who had died 18 years earlier aged 47. A philanthropic venture, the beautiful building was a ‘Ragged School’ – a free school for destitute children. Later it evolved into an Open-Air School for children with tuberculosis in 1920, before being re-invented again as the Eight Feathers Youth Club in 1963.  

Now, after a meticulous and sympathetic restoration, KYN Hurlingham honours this rich legacy by continuing to enrich the lives of its residents, blending history with modern comforts.  


Social historian and broadcaster Ruth Goodman says: "The history of this building is rich with untold stories, having served as a sanctuary and place of care for those in need. I was particularly excited when I learned it was first a 'Ragged School' which is representative of a fascinating moment in British history – when it was decided all children needed to have access to education, something we take for granted today. This space has always been about nurturing and healing, and the restoration honours the building's past, ensuring that the spirit of compassion and community endures." 

Aligning with the background of its new site, as a brand, KYN has a vision to use education to enhance later life care for all, harnessing expertise within the business to break taboos and stereotypes around older age. It represents a new era of care by combining the highest standards of personalised, holistic care with beautifully designed spaces.  

KYN has spent two years sympathetically restoring the notable Grade II building, located next to the prestigious Hurlingham Club in South West London. The building is now refined with interiors of casual elegance by leading British designer Nina Campbell and includes artwork selected by renowned curator Adam Ellis. As well as honouring the heritage building and maintaining as many of the original features as possible, Nina incorporated contemporary prints from her own collection as well as classic British designs from Lewis and Wood and William Morris to modernise the feel of the building’s interior.  


Interior designer Nina Campbell says: "The renovation of KYN Hurlingham has been a delicate balance of preserving its historic character while introducing modern comforts. We have respected the original features, enhancing them with beautiful interiors that offer both style and functionality. Transforming this historic building into a stylish and comfortable home for KYN residents has been a rewarding journey. My advice for creating a home that caters to various life stages is to blend timeless design elements with thoughtful, practical touches that make everyday living both elegant and comfortable." 


KYN's approach to care focuses on the individual needs of residents rather than a one-size-fits-all model. This philosophy is evident in both KYN Bickley, which opened in February 2023, and the new KYN Hurlingham. By providing an environment that nurtures physical, emotional, and existential well-being, KYN is redefining the standards of care.  


Caroline Nadioo, Managing Director at KYN, says: "At KYN, our ethos is centred around providing personalised, holistic care that respects and nurtures each resident's individuality. KYN Hurlingham embodies this philosophy, offering a serene and enriching environment where residents can thrive. We are proud to continue the building's legacy of care, now elevated to meet the highest standards of modern living. Our approach ensures that every aspect of our residents' wellbeing is addressed, creating a true home where they can enjoy their lives to the fullest." 

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