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Licence to Grill:
Finding the Perfect BBQ for You

While June may have been one of the coldest on record, the UK is set for warmer weather in July which means sun-soaked evenings around the BBQ. 

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Whether you’re in the market for your first grill or looking to upgrade your existing model, choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult with so much to pick from. 

Fortunately, outdoor living experts, VonHaus, have drilled down into their sales data to help you find something in keeping with your cooking needs, garden space and budget. 

So, if you’re looking to make it a sizzling summer, here are some of the best: 

It’s a gas…

One of the eternal BBQ debates is, of course, charcoal or gas? 

Generally speaking, gas BBQs bring precise temperature control and convenience while charcoal-fired grills can lend that irresistible smoky flavour. 

If you’re looking to go gas then you’re not alone with a 97%, % MoM spike in searches for gas BBQs like our 4 in 1 burner gas BBQ

As one of the most popular products on the market, this large-sized grill demonstrates a clamour for the multi-grill experience.


Liam Glennon, senior outdoor leisure buyer at VonHaus explains: “Post-pandemic, we’ve noticed a real upswing in home entertaining and this four-in-one grill caters to this perfectly. 

“Multiple burners allow your appointed BBQ chef to cook up a storm with several dishes on the go at once. This means any veggie options can be kept away from meat-based dishes which makes it a sage choice for larger gatherings with various dietary preferences.” 


Easily portable with wheels and a storage shelf for condiments and utensils, this offers an inherently practical option.  

Smoky perfection

Traditionalists may prefer a charcoal-fired BBQ and the elemental experiences of cooking over hot coals. 

Many BBQ users also cite the infused smoky flavours and the versatility to cook ‘low and slow’ – perfect for BBQ ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket.

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American Style BBQs

It’s little surprise then that we’ve seen a 28% rise in MoM searches for American-style BBQs. 

With 432 customer reviews, this grill remains the public’s top pick which grills and smokes the goods to a charcoal perfection. 

Liam Glennon at  VonHaus, said: “Those new to BBQing, may be unaware of how your chosen fuel source can improve the taste of your food. 

With this model, scatter in some soaked woodchips beneath the grill and you have an authentic wood smoker bringing that telling depth of flavour. Throw in a branch of rosemary or thyme for that added aromatic smoke.” 

Replete with two storage shelves, portable wheels and a bottle opener, this is one of the best picks for multi-functionality. 

The non-negotiables 

No matter what fuel source you opt for, there are certain attributes you should always look out for. 

Ideally, you’re going to want something durable and built-to-last, not just for the summer but also for years to come.


Despite being a serious piece of kit, a good barbecue needn’t be difficult to assemble with only a few steps to set up. 

Remember to also invest in a heavy-duty barbecue cover for when the sun stops shining. 

Liam Glennon,
Senior Outdoor Leisure Buyer
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