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Electrical retailer, AO has launched its Appliance Appreciation Society with Liverpool based mural artist, Jazz Stan. Jazz has joined AO’s Appliance Appreciation Society to transform people’s appliances by elevating them with a bespoke piece of her art designed and created by her.


As part of the Appliance Appreciation Society, using her fine art technique, Jazz has created a bold and engaging piece of work for a limited number of AO customers. 50 lucky art lovers are in with a chance of being gifted an official Jazz Stan print to display on their own appliance at home.


Inspiration for Jazz’s piece of art comes after research commissioned by electrical retailer, AO, found that one in five Brits confess they use their fridge as a notice board to keep them on track for the week, with meal planning and shopping lists. A further 13 percent of parents admitted that the fridge is slowly becoming an art gallery where they display their children’s art even if they don’t think it’s the greatest masterpiece.

The Daily Struggle.jpeg
The Daily Struggle

Jazz Stan, artist, and member of the AO Appliance Appreciation Society said:


“Being a part of AO’s Appliance Appreciation Society has been incredible. As a busy mum and artist, I have certainly neglected my appliances in the past. So, what better way to show your appliance some love than adding a piece of artwork to brighten it up. I love creating bold and colourful pieces and I have really enjoyed working with AO to help bring colour into people’s homes. I hope it will help encourage more Brits to appreciate their appliances too.”


The Appliance Appreciation Society aims to combat the nation’s love hate relationship they have with their appliances. Joining Jazz in the society is psychologist Emma Kenny and content Creator, Daisy Woods, who all have a vital role to play to by encouraging Brits show some love to their appliances.

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