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Regency real estate:
Step into Bridgerton through your front door 

Dearest gentle readers, as we close the chapter on another season of Bridgerton, audiences worldwide are once again captivated by the grandiosity and opulence of Regency-era England. 

We have all seen the Regency-core trend popping up everywhere, from fashion to interiors, and now, enter Regency real estate. The real-life properties that invite you to step into the on-screen scenes. 

With Bridgerton dominating pop culture, interest in these magnificent homes is at an all-time high. So, to shed some light on how you can acquire a ton-worthy boudoir, Camilla Lesser, Development Manager at Essential Living, has shared her expertise. 


How to buy a Bridgerton-style property

1. Research historical estates

Many historical estates are now on the market, either privately or through specialised agencies dealing in heritage properties. As a first point of call, go online and research period properties in your preferred area to see where they are being listed. 

2. Consider restoration projects

Camilla adds, "Period properties come at such a high price range due to their unique charm, historical significance, and the intricate craftsmanship that simply cannot be replicated in modern constructions.”

For this reason, some buyers opt for period properties that need restoration. This can be a more affordable way to own a historic home, allowing you to restore it to its former glory and add your mark.

3. Look for key features

The charm of period features is in their unique characters that all vary from property to property. If you want specifics like fireplaces, original flooring and high ceilings, ensure you make it part of your initial search criteria.

4. Explore estate auctions

Occasionally, grand estates and historic homes come up for auction. This can be an exciting way to purchase a unique property, though it requires careful research and preparation.

5. Consult with experts

Buying a historic property involves unique challenges, from legal considerations to restoration requirements. Consulting with real estate experts who specialise in period properties is essential to navigate this complex market.

The allure of Bridgerton extends beyond its captivating storyline and characters to the stunning homes and locations that set the scene. Whether a fan of the show or simply an admirer of Regency-era architecture, exploring the world of Bridgerton properties offers a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era of elegance and luxury. 

Camilla adds, “Bridgerton has not only reignited our love for period dramas but also sparked interest in the magnificent homes that define the era. The properties continue to captivate and inspire homeowners and investors alike."

For those fortunate enough to own such a home, it is not just about living in a house but becoming a part of history, where every room tells a story. So, if the idea of sipping tea in a grand drawing room or strolling through expansive gardens appeals to you, the world of Bridgerton properties awaits.

Camilla Lesser, Development Manager 
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