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Autumnal Homeware from Arcana Living

Arcana Living’s ‘Night Garden Duotone’, ‘Wild Oak Autumn’ and ‘Indoor Jungle Brew’ tapestry blankets  and wraps with their warm, nature-inspired colours are perfect for cosy Autumnal evenings. The hand drawn and woven tapestry blankets depict Britain’s unique eco-systems that come to life as the year starts to slow down.


Every piece comes with a printed Nature Connection Guide to learn about each species depicted, ideal for garden and nature lovers. From £160  from

Arcana's mission is to awaken a stronger interest in nature  by embellishing the everyday with beauty and meaning,  transforming homes into havens with heirloom woven blankets  and cushion covers, sustainable fne art prints and gallery  embroidered patches.  

Our collectons are infused with the 3 things we are most  passionate about: nature, education and art.  

Ria Mishaal, an artst & science educator behind Arcana, creates  art that tells real natural world stories. She believes in the power  of bringing beauty and depth to the things we use every day.


Night Garden Duotone Woven Blanket

When the lights go out and the night draws in, your garden fills with life. This muted woven throw blanket celebrates back garden biodiversity, and in it you’ll discover moths paired with the plants that hungry caterpillars feed upon. 

In a warm grey with a dark cool grey line design, the colour palette of this woven throw blanket will suit many neutral interiors.


Wild Oak Autumn Blanket

Oak trees are a ubiquitous symbol of strength and wisdom. Bring the forest into your home with our Wild Oak luxurious cotton woven blanket.


Oaks are a haven for 2,300 species, each nurtured by different parts of this majestic tree. Find the oak growing in the blanket folds. Green woodpeckers, purple emperors, blue ground beetles and faithful squirrels are attracted to the oak, and like animals to the Arc, the wildlife is supported by this tree.


Indoor Jungle 'Brew' Woven Throw Blanket

Indoor Jungle ‘Brew’ woven throw blanket, celebrates the connection between house plants & mental health. Plants have been shown to reduce stress, improve our mood and even increase productivity.

This design celebrates the joy plants bring, sitting down among them with your favourite brew and mindfully taking a moment. It depicts species including Alocasia and Begonia, in warm burgundy tones on the front, contrasted with light aquamarine on the back.

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