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Rosendale Design Completes Stunning Private Residence 

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We are plased to share a first look at a newly completed private residence in London by Rosendale Design.

Founded in 2014 by Dale Atkinson, formerly of Foster + Partners, Rosendale Design has enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence under Dale’s visionary leadership. The studio specialises in hospitality, retail, and residential projects, bringing an exceptional blend of creativity and detailed craftsmanship to the UK’s luxury design landscape. Rosendale Design boasts a black book of prestigious clientele, including celebrity chefs, restaurateurs, noted hoteliers, and property developers.

"We have always strived to achieve projects that are refined and timeless. When a project is handed over we do not want it to look of a time or like it’s following trends. Ideally the project looks as though it has already been there for a few years."

Dale Atkinson, Founder

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For this stylish private home Dale Atkinson and his team at Rosendale Design meticulously curated a sophisticated and stylish ambiance. Drawing inspiration from the client’s taste, Rosendale Design selected Farrow & Ball paints to craft unique atmospheres in each space. The entrance hall, in Yard Blue, exudes elegance, welcoming guests with tranquility and sophistication. In the Reception Room, adorned with the timeless tone of Ammonite, guests find a serene retreat. Meanwhile, the open kitchen, also in Ammonite, seamlessly blends practicality with quiet luxury. The stylish red Cinema Room is in Eating Room Red for an elegant, aged yet contemporary feel. 

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The gorgeous wine display draws from Rosendale Design’s distinguished experience in restaurant design, the perfect example of how to bring beautiful restaurant design into a home to create an eye-catching showpiece. 

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7 Cubitt St, London WC1X 0LN, United Kingdom
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