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Wimbledon 2024

The Tenniscore Fashion Trend for Summer & Wimbledon

As Wimbledon and the latest Tenniscore trend grips us all this Summer, what better time to ensure your tennis whites dazzle on and off the court? 


Earlier this year Stylist in a report by Chloe Burcham stated, "Tenniscore beauty is set to be one of this summer’s biggest trends – here’s what you need to know".


So what is 'Tenniscore'?

 2024's hottest summer hair trend-1.png

Stylist described the trend: 

"Regardless of how excited you are about Wimbledon, it’s unlikely that you’ll have missed the tennis aesthetic that’s currently sweeping the nation. From tennis dresses, preppy athleisure and Wimbledon whites, tennis is currently having a moment across both fashion and social media. 

In the last year alone, Pinterest searches for ‘tennis aesthetic’ increased by 37.5%, and now the trend is moving into the beauty space, too. 

While last summer was all about Barbiecore, tenniscore is currently sweeping our social media feeds – thanks, in part, to Zendaya’s epic beauty looks on the press tour of Luca Guadagnino’s much-anticipated tennis love triangle film, Challengers."

"But it’s not just Zendaya who’s been serving Grand Slam inspiration with her beauty looks recently. From sports headbands (loved by Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner), XL scrunchies and bow-tied plaits – the 90s hair accessories are making a big comeback, and we’re into it."


"So what can you expect from the tenniscore beauty trend? Think Sporty Spice mixed with country club chic. Expect to see lots of Serena Williams-esque white headbands, Anna Kournikova clips and oversized scrunchies, plaits and bows."


"It doesn’t even matter if you’re playing tennis this summer, you can be sure to look the part thanks to some of our tenniscore beauty faves…"

It’s not just celebs that have been embracing the latest Tenniscore fashion obsession. In the last year alone, Pinterest searches for ‘tennis aesthetic’ increased by 37.5%. So, here’s how to keep your whites - the whitest of white - with a little help from Colour Catcher, the UK’s #1 Laundry Sheet, this Wimbledon season. 

Laundry Expert, Elliot Hudson, spills the beans on how to keep your whites pristine – ensuring you save time, energy and water: 


1. Lock in the Brilliance: “Start by flipping your tennis whites inside out before washing. This simple move reduces friction and shields those snazzy logos and trims. Dylon Ultra Whitener is an excellent way to ensure vibrant whites stay that way. The Whitener sachets can restore their brilliant whiteness even at low temperatures using optimal brightening agents.  


2. Fabric that Serves Looks: Opt for top-notch fabrics like cotton and linen that can take a beating (or a serve) without losing their cool. They’re not just durable; they’re the backbone of Tenniscore style, effortlessly blending timeless elegance with performance prowess. 

3. Play It Smart, Wash Less: Less is more when it comes to laundry. Spot clean and air out your gear to keep it fresh and fierce. With Colour Catcher in your corner, you’ll breeze through mixed loads with confidence, keeping your whites bright and ready for the next match. 


4. Chill with Cold Water: Keep the heat on the court, not in the laundry room. Cold water washes protect fabric integrity, locking in colour and keeping your whites looking ace. It’s the secret sauce for lasting style and sustainability.” 

Get set for Wimbledon with a laundry routine that’s as stylish as your game. Colour Catcher ensures your tennis whites pop with crispness and confidence, letting you focus on smashing those sets. 

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