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Expert Reveals Seven Ways To Transform Your Garden On A Budget

Summer has arrived, and it is a time when people will be looking to spend time in their gardens. So why not start a project? It’s generally believed to be expensive to transform your garden, but we’re here to say that just

isn’t the case.


You can make your garden look fantastic using materials that you already have, cheap items online or a simple bit of cleaning. They’re also not too time-consuming either, only taking a few hours of your day.


Joshua Houston, Gardening Expert at Household Quotes has revealed seven ways to transform your garden on a budget.


1. Get Painting

Over the course of the last year, the paint on your garden fence and furniture has likely faded or begun to fade. So get your paintbrush out and begin giving your garden some fresh coats. First look in your garage, shed or storage cupboards for any leftover paint, this will save you a lot of money and waste. Another tactic is asking on local community social media pages, there’s bound to be people who have spare paint that they don’t intend to use.


2. Create Zones

A big garden can provide several uses, these include relaxing, gardening and physical activity. However it can be hard to maintain due to the size, so consider creating different zones to ensure its full potential is utilised. For example, you could have an area with seating to relax, a section for plants and growing produce and then also an area left for physical activity. This gives everyone in your household a reason to use the garden, the more people taking care of it reduces the amount of work one person has to do.


3. Clean Your Paving

It might sound simple but paving counts to a huge amount of gardens, it’s normally the first thing that you will see when you exit the back of your home. So give your paving a good clean, a jet washer would be ideal due to its immense power which leaves a nice tidy finish. These can be rented if you don’t already own one, but they are quite common so it might be worth asking friends and family if they have one that you can borrow. 

4. Let Your Grass Grow

A popular trend in recent years is letting part or all of your grass grow without cutting. This has been proven as better for local wildlife, in particular bees which are crucial for pollinating plants. You don’t have to let all of your grass grow, just a section as it will make your garden look unique compared to others. It is also quite low maintenance, not everyone has the time or wants to constantly mow the grass. 


5. Use Recycled Materials

Recycled materials can be an excellent addition to your garden, old tires for example can be filled with dirt and used as one big plant pot. You can also use similar items to create swings and other outdoor fun for your children. Cans make great plant pots and can be decorated in any colour or style that you like. Some of your household food waste makes great compost, this includes; coffee filters, eggshells, fruits, vegetables and bread. 


6. Create A Garden Path

Garden paths are great for an outdoor space, making it look tidy whilst also providing you a place to walk without damaging your plants. Spend time researching materials, and searching social media to see if anyone has anything to use for free. Gravel is a good option, and much cheaper than paving slabs. It’s important to think outside the box, so don’t rule out items in your home that can be reused as a garden path.


7. Add Solar Powered Lights

Some of the best time spent in a garden will be late at night, with your lights shining providing a nice twinkle. However, these lights can often be high maintenance, with installing a lighting system throughout your garden being expensive. Battery lights might seem like a good alternative, but this will cost you a lot of time and money having to keep replacing the batteries. Solar-powered lights are ideal, they use the sun's energy during the day to allow them to light up at night. This means after your initial purchase, you don’t have to worry about paying for anything else.

Joshua Houston, Gardening Expert at Household Quotes:


‘’If you are lucky enough to have a garden, it's important that you look after it properly. It can become a great space for you to relax, grow food or do some physical activity. But without attention, it can begin to look not so pleasant.


So consider these seven tips I’ve given which really can transform your garden. I’ve tried to make them as affordable as possible as we are still feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis.’’

Joshua Houston, Gardening Expert
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