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How to use texture in your flooring design


Textured interiors are having a moment. Interior designers are increasingly experimenting with a variety of different materials to add depth, detail and extra ambience to living spaces.


Flooring provides a prime opportunity to introduce textures into your interior, whether you opt for natural hardwoods, a sumptuous carpet or sleek polished tiles – your flooring choice can transform the feel of any living space.  


Alex Heslop, Trend Expert from Flooring Superstore, gives their expert advice on the different ways you can incorporate different materials, surfaces and patterns into your flooring choices to truly embrace the textural trend.


Timeless hardwood


“Naturally textured with knots, grains and imperfections, hardwood flooring is sure to bring a sense of warmth to any interior, delivering a more inviting and comfortable ambience to your home. 


“The beauty of solid wood flooring is the endless options to customise it, depending on the type of aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve – from smooth and polished to rough and rustic. Opting for wide planks can enhance the textural rustic aesthetic, while more intricate parquet or herringbone styles pair well with a shiny varnished finish for that sleek and contemporary look.”

Get the look:


Flooring Superstore Parquet Oak is a luxury solid wood parquet style of flooring that is sure to be a talking point in any sitting room, dining room or hallway. £49.99 per square metre.


Sumptuous carpet


“There’s no better way to add soft and sumptuous textures into your decor than with a high-quality carpet.


“A natural wool carpet is a great way to experiment with interesting textures to add that little something extra to your space, with many different finishes to choose from including herringbone and ribbed. A loop pile finish provides added interest and durability as well as feeling soft comfortable underfoot – providing a textured, luxurious look which is also hardwearing.”


Get the look:


Flooring Superstore’s Dartmoor Carpet in Morning Light is an eco-friendly natural wool loop carpet that is sure to add the wow factor to any space. £37.99 per square metre.


Luxury vinyl


“Vinyl flooring has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and offers a durable and hardwearing option which mimics the texture of hardwood, stone or tile for a fraction of the cost. 


“For those looking to achieve the premium finish of stone with added durability, vinyl tiles

are a fantastic option as they can replicate the finished look while being durable and easy to maintain – perfect for high traffic areas.”


Get the look:


Flooring Superstore’s Wiltshire Vinyl Flooring in Cottage Stone offers the subtle appearance of stone texture with anti-slip properties. £14.99 per square metre.

Alex Heslop, Trend Expert
Images by Flooring Superstore

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