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Expert Reveals 7 Tips To Keep Your Home Cool Over The Bank Holiday & Summer


Temperatures are expected to rise to as high as 24°C in some parts of the UK over the bank holiday weekend. 


The Met Office is predicting that 2024 could be the hottest year on record. Temperatures may breach the 1.5°C threshold, meaning global warming would've exceeded 1.5°C over the year. 


British homes are typically built to keep homes warm which is why high temperatures can cause big problems for occupants. This point is commonly debated on social media as why people suffer with the heat more in the UK than they do when holidaying abroad in hot countries like Spain, Greece or Portugal.


With the bank holiday weekend and Summer just around the corner, you may need help keeping your home as cool as possible. So, Joshua Houston, Home Expert at Household Quotes has revealed seven tips on how to keep your home cool on those warm days.

1. Encourage airflow

If your home has already succumbed to the heat, then encourage airflow by opening doors and windows. This will allow trapped hot air to escape, and bring in cooler air from the outside. Some rooms will keep heat in better than others so it is important to keep the doors inside of your home open. Doing this allows air to circulate inside your home, creating a cool draft which will be welcomed by those inside.


This can be a slow process if there isn’t much wind outside, so you can always add a catalyst to speed up the process. A fan is not only a great way of keeping yourself cool, but it also is good at moving on resilient heat in your property. 


2. Keep certain doors closed

During peak heat hours between 12 pm and 6 pm, it might be best to stay out of the areas of your home that are best at retaining heat. This includes kitchens due to ovens which can further increase the temperature, and large windows. Rooms outside of direct sunlight will be the coolest in a home and would be the best option to relax away. Keep the doors between the cooler and warmer prone rooms shut if the heat hasn’t taken over your home yet.


3. Close blinds and curtains

It might seem obvious when the sun comes out to open your blinds and curtains to allow the sunlight in. But when the day is at its hottest, leaving them shut will result in your home being cooler. 

Light-coloured curtains are ideal for warm weather as they are the best at blocking the heat from entering your home. The best times to open your blinds or curtains would be in the morning or the late evening. This is because this will be the coolest period of the day, and will have a positive effect on cooling down your home.


4. Have a BBQ

Using your hob or oven for cooking when it’s already hot outside, will only increase the temperature of your home. Instead, cook outside using a BBQ or have a cold dinner. It comes with the added benefit of more family or social time with friends, whilst also ensuring you make the most of the good weather.


5. Insulation

It might sound surprising, as insulation is normally associated with keeping your home warm. But many aren’t aware that insulating your loft is an effective way to cool down a property on those hot days. 


Cool air in your home rises, and the highest point will naturally be in your loft. If your loft is properly insulated then the cold air should be trapped there, so you should notice a temperature difference between that space and the rest of your home. Loft insulation is also one of the cheapest insulations that you can purchase. The average cost to insulate the loft of a three-bedroom home is £930, this is a small amount compared to the £15,000 required to double-glaze your windows.

6. Reduce activity

On a hot day, it’s important to reduce your physical activity, as physical activity will make you warmer and you may wrongly attribute that to your home. Take days with warmer temperatures as a sign to relax and rest, and avoid DIY tasks inside your property.


Try to not use appliances that generate heat, for example, washing machines and dishwashers. These can help increase the temperature of a room, instead wait for a cooler day to complete those tasks. 


7. Apply heating-reducing film 

Anti-heat window film is attached to the windows and glass doors of your home to stop heat from entering via the glass panels. It does this by reflecting the heat away from the window, therefore the heat doesn’t get into your property. The cost of the film depends on the size of your windows and how many you want to be covered. A 45 cm by 200 cm sized film can be picked up for under £10, making it a very affordable option.


Joshua Houston, Home Expert at Household Quotes:


‘’As much as the majority of us love the warm weather, it can become an annoyance when trying to relax in our homes. Being too hot can negatively affect our sleep as well as make us lose our appetite. 


By all means, enjoy the weather outside, but my tips are designed to keep your home a cool and relaxing space.’’

Joshua Houston, Home Expert
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