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Window Cleaning Made Easy: Expert Reveals Seven Tips For Cleaning Your Windows

Summer is right around the corner, it is the time of the year when the sun will shine down on your home the most. 


Your windows are an important part of your property, dirty windows can make a home look unloved and abandoned. You want to take advantage of the sunshine that will engulf the UK over the next few months.


 With the ongoing cost of living crisis, many have cut down on non-necessities, including professional window cleaners.


So, I, Joshua Houston, Window Expert at Household Quotes have revealed seven tips for cleaning your windows. This will make sure the sunlight will have no problem brightening up your home.


1. Clean on a cloudy day

When deciding to clean your windows after a long period, pick a day when it is cloudy. This is because the rain will wash away any cleaning solution before it has time to act, and the sunlight can dry the solution before you get the opportunity to wipe it away. A cloudy day gives you enough time to give your windows a thorough clean.

2. Use vinegar

A good cleaning solution for windows is a mix of distilled water and white vinegar. Vinegar’s acidic nature makes it excellent for eliminating dirt and other bacteria that build up on your windows. It is also very environmentally friendly, with you using chemicals that won’t affect the local wildlife. The solution is very cheap to create, most households already have vinegar in their cupboards, so they’ll just have to buy distilled water which can be picked up for under £5.


3. Remove curtains

Before cleaning the inside of your windows, make sure to remove any curtains or objects on the windowsill. The cleaning solution you create can easily get onto your curtains causing staining and leaving a nasty smell. Curtains can also be an irritating hindrance, with the material constantly moving into your face, distracting you whilst you try and complete the task

4. Use a soft sponge

Windows are particularly vulnerable to scratching, so avoid using hard materials to wipe. As scratches can be a real pain, they can take a lot of time and money to get off and that’s if you can get them off at all. Instead use a soft sponge that will be kind to the glass panels, and scrub in a gentle but firm manner.

5. Don’t forget the window tracks

When it comes to window cleaning some jobs are often forgotten, we all know that the glass panels need to be left sparkling, but the window tracks are equally important. Over time dirt and dust can build up in your window tracks, this can prove to be a difficult area to clean due to it being a tight space. However, find an old toothbrush, dip it into a bit of soapy water and scrub. You should start to notice the dirt coming off quite easily, just make sure not to apply too much pressure when scrubbing as this can cause damage.

6. Never spray window cleaner directly

Avoid spraying shop-bought window cleaners directly onto your glass panels, this is because they generally contain harsh chemicals that can damage your windows over time. Instead, spray the product on a soft sponge or cloth before wiping down your windows.

7. Use a squeegee

If you want to speed up the process of cleaning your windows, then invest in a squeegee. It works well at removing dirt and grime. First, spray a sponge with some cleaning solution and apply it gently around the glass panel. Then use the squeegee to wipe away the solution, before finally rinsing the window with standard tap water.

Joshua Houston, Window Expert at Household Quotes:

‘’In order to save money, more and more people are taking on household tasks that they would previously pay a professional to do. 

The task of cleaning a window may seem daunting to some, so I have revealed seven tips which help the general public keep their windows sparkling. A clean window allows for more light, brightening up your home and making it a more pleasant place to live.’’

Joshua Houston, Window Expert
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